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Tank Cleaning Services In Adelaide

ATM Tanks is proudly Australian-owned and have been offering tank building, cleaning, and modification services for over 20 years. Now we are ready to extend our services to another city — Adelaide. With a population of 1.3 million, water tanks are very essential to the city. That said, it is ATM Tank’s pleasure to help[...]
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Hobart Tank Cleaning Services

Hobart, being one of the largest cities in Australia, has a large population and evidently uses a lot of water tanks in homes, company buildings, and other establishments. However, not all of them are kept clean continuously causing numerous cases of contamination. Cleaning tanks is very important because their status will greatly affect what is[...]
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Tank Cleaning In Canberra

ATM Tanks have now extended our service to Australia’s federal capital, Canberra! ATM Tanks is an Australian company composed of tank experts specialising in tank cleaning, building, repairs, and modifications. With more or less than 400,000 people living in Canberra, a lot of households and buildings use water tanks for convenience. However, it may not[...]
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Tank Cleaning Services In Brisbane

Tanks, no matter what they are used for, need regular scheduled cleaning. Without a regular maintenance schedule, you would be surprised to find your tanks degrading overtime, and you will spend more money in either repairing them or replacing them. It is always best that you call a professional who understands how tanks work, and[...]
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Tank Cleaning In Sydney

Sydney is the most populated city in Australia. As such, it is not unusual for homes and other commercial establishments to have water tanks. Many of these tanks for years, and we often hear of sad stories about contamination and outbreaks. Did you know that you have to clean these tanks regularly? Yes, unclean tanks[...]
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Sydney Fire Tank Inspections

Sydney is a highly-populated area and a top tier city. With a population of five million people, it is only a matter of time before a fire breaks out. The majority of buildings in the city will have fire tanks installed in their structures, the one risk that they face is whether the fire tank[...]
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Fire Tank Inspections In Brisbane

The recent Australian bush fires bought the country to its knees. With more than hundreds of different fire spots that raged from June 2019 to early 2020, the estimated cost of the damage is at $4.4 billion. As this tragedy happened, ATM Tanks was at the forefront of the “Black Summer“, providing fire tank inspections[...]
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