Here at ATM Tanks, we use the most advanced technology to inspect storage tanks in Perth. For over the last decade that we have been in the tank industry, we know that cleanliness and damages are not things you want to trifle with as far as tank and water safety are concerned. So, why use us for your ROV inspection in Perth? Today, we will show you several ways of how ATM Tanks can help you.

We Offer Reduction of Bacterial Growth

Water has to be clean. We could not begin to tell you how many diseases are water-borne. While some households have good filtration systems, we can say that they may not be enough to filter out small organisms. The only way you can guarantee this is through cleaning your tank. We at ATM Tanks can do this for you on a regular basis. And we will use our ROV’s to inspect your tank. ROV stands for a remotely controlled vehicle. We have robots that we can place inside the tank. One of the many things they can do is to gather samples of the water and assess its chemical components. We can also analyse the water sample for the presence of micro-organisms.

Our robots are also equipped with cameras. They can show us if there are moulds in the lining of your tank before we even drain it and clean it.

We Offer a Variety of Services

When we do ROV inspections in Perth, we do not just inspect the tanks. We are prepared to clean it and repair it. Most tanks that we have serviced in Perth are used for storing water. As such, we understand the utmost importance of cleaning and repairing it. Here are some of the things that we can do:

  • Manual or robotic cleaning
  • Repairs for the tank if there are corrosive areas
  • Replacement or repair of tank liners

Also, we do not just offer services for water tanks. We also do service for factories in any industry. We know how chemicals work, and we can provide recommendations on what liners to use to best save or store your chemical components.

We Offer Years of Experience

We have expanded our services. Each tank cleaning or repair service we do has significantly added new skills to our employees. These skills are passed on to everyone on the ATM team. Today, we are engaged in high-end technology to do the job. Our robots are good back-ups in dangerous situations, especially for deep tanks that can cause drowning. On some occasions, you do not want to drain your tank completely, so we need either a human or a robot to get inside.

We have over 100 years of cumulative experience if all the experiences of our members are combined. With ATM Tank Group, you are in good hands. Instead of doing the job yourself, let the experts handle it.

Summary: ROV inspections in Perth

ATM Tanks is a premier company in Australia. We have serviced thousands of clients across the entire country. With over a decade of experience, we have a team of expert engineers who can analyze the issue with your water quality and your tank.   Give us a call on 1800 422 444 so we can discuss how we can serve you. If an ocular inspection is needed, we will visit your place to do the assessment. From there, we will give you a free quote, and then we can start working on a solution.

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