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Accidents can happen in tank cleaning and repairs—sometimes people get hurt. Can you imagine how much more dangerous it is to do dam and reservoir repair and clean-ups? We do know the dangers, and therefore we at ATM Tanks now use a combination of man and machine. We have what we call ROV’s. This term stands for remotely control vehicle. We now service ROV inspections in Brisbane, and today, we will show you why you should use us for your next tank or dam inspection.

Quality of Robotics and Equipment

As tank inspectors and builders, we know what kind of robots can do the job. We have adequate experience and had our fair share of machines that do great work—but we continually improve on what we can do. The ROV’s we use are top of the line—they are the best in the industry. They are not like the drones and ROV’s that you can buy from hobby shops. What we use are machines built specifically for a ROV inspection in Brisbane. Our robots are high-tech—they use high-end cameras. They have arms and wheels that help them facilitate their duties.

Accuracy of Information

Our robots can take samples of the liquid inside your tank. It has the ability to detect not just the temperature, but if there are chemical elements present in your tank. It can detect cobalt and iron, and many other things. Our temperature readings are also accurate, and the ROV can tell us so much about what is happening in your tank. If you know the temperature of the liquid inside, you can determine what kind of organisms thrive there. The last thing you want is to encourage harmful bacteria to multiply. As such, you can take appropriate actions to keep your liquid in the right conditions.

Multiple Functionality

Our ROV’s do not just gather data and samples—they can do real work. Let me show you some of the things we can do with them:

  • Do the repairs
  • Clean the inside of the tank
  • Find leaks inside the tank
  • Record videos and take images
  • Measure radioactivity in the liquid
  • Do radiography
  • Do particle and element testing
  • Do ultrasonic testing

Our robots can also measure if there are traces of iron, nickel, or any other type of metals and alloys in your tank. If you know that these things exist, you will also know if the levels of these elements are toxic or negligible, and then you can decide what to do next. As you can see, we do not just have robots to say that we have robots. These are highly functional machines that have replaced humans. We no longer have to risk the lives of divers just to find out critical information about your dam, tank, or reservoir.


At ATM Tanks, we are consistently on the lookout for the latest developments in robotics. We want to be at the top end of the spectrum when it comes to safety, efficiency, and technology. We have over 15 years of experience, and we have cleaned, inspected, and repaired hundreds of tanks, dams, and reservoirs in the entire country. Give us a call on 1800 422 444 and we will take a look at the issue. We will do ocular inspection of your facility, and then provide you with a free quote of the service.

Once we have finalised our agreement, we can start working on the issue. Depending on the severity of the problem, the fix can take anywhere between three and seven days. Some may take shorter, and some longer—no matter how short or long, we guarantee satisfaction through our warranty.

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