Budgeting for water tank inspections is a necessity for any business or household. We at ATM Tanks know this. As such, we are continuously looking for ways to service tanks with then least cost possible. And this is why we do ROV inspections in Melbourne. ROV stands for a remotely controlled vehicle. It is a robot that dives inside a tank to do the inspection instead of having a human do it. But why choose us at ATM Tanks? What benefits do you get if you choose to do the ROV inspection in Melbourne?

Video Inspection

Our robots are capable of taking videos from inside your tank. What does this do? Instead of having a human dive in, we use our robots. Our ROV’s have cameras that can take snapshots, and as such, we can see different areas of your tanks that need repair. This is much better than what humans can do. On some occasions, some humans may miss specific areas of the tank that need repairs.

With a robot, we can operate it for hours on end, and we can inspect every inch of the tank—and we do not have to watch the video again because we have a live feed where we can see what is happening inside.

Gathering Samples

Our ROVs can gather samples of the liquid inside the tank. The ROV is equipped with arms that get samples. Be it water or chemical, our robots can do it. The great thing about our ROV inspections in Melbourne is that we use advanced robotics. Our robots can sense the temperature, record it, and send the data to us on the outside. Our robots can also measure trace elements.

For example, if we let our ROV dive, it can detect levels of certain metals in the liquid and send that information back to mission control, where you are a part of. You can then assess real-time if something has to be done. If the liquid in your tank has harmful metal elements, you may need to drain it and get it replaced. Since our ROV’s can gather samples, you will also know the specific areas where the elements are found. From there, we can say if the tank itself is degrading—a cause for concern that we can certainly fix.

Fast Service

We at ATM Tank Group pride ourselves for our expediency. You can give us a call any time, and someone is going to respond to your needs. If the issue is a simple inspection, we can book you right away. After the inspection, you and our team can start planning on a solution. If the tank is corroded and it needs repair, we will lay out a plan, including the number of days we expect the repair to get done. In the worst-case scenario where the tank has to be completely replaced, we will fabricate the tank as fast as we can without compromising quality. Over the years, we have fabricated tanks in as little as seven days from the start date of the project.


ATM Tanks is Australia’s premier service provider of anything you need for tanks. We do repairs, inspections, fabrication, and installation. With ATM Tank Group, you will get the best value for your money. We have been in the service for more than a decade, and our resident experts have a cumulative experience of more than 100 years. Give us a call today on 1800 422 444 and we will do an ocular inspection of your premises. After that, we will provide you with a free quote, and then we can begin work from there.

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