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Essential Steps for Tank Lightning Protection

Lightning strikes can pose a significant threat to above-ground tanks. At ATM Tanks, we understand that protecting these tanks from lightning is crucial to ensure their safety and functionality. A single strike can cause severe damage, leading to costly repairs and potentially hazardous situations. That’s why having an effective lightning protection system in place is[...]
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Key Steps for Effective Tank Repair and Maintenance

Keeping your tanks in top condition is essential for their longevity and efficiency. At ATM Tanks, we know that routine maintenance and timely repairs can prevent costly breakdowns and ensure a safe operating environment. Understanding the early signs that signal the need for tank repairs can save you from more significant issues down the road.[...]
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 Exploring the Different Types of Tank Liners

We know that tank liners are essential for protecting a tank’s structure and the materials it stores. A properly lined tank prevents leaks, contamination, and corrosion, ensuring the tank’s longevity and functionality. Without a good liner, tanks can degrade quickly, leading to costly repairs and potential environmental hazards. That’s why understanding and choosing the right[...]
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tank inspection

Key Factors to Consider during a Thorough Tank Inspection

Inspecting tanks thoroughly is crucial to maintaining their efficiency and ensuring safety in operations. At ATM Tanks, we focus on delivering detailed inspections that cover every aspect of the tank, from the exterior surfaces to the interior mechanisms. These inspections are not only about adhering to safety regulations but also about preempting potential issues that[...]
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Dam Liners

A Comprehensive Guide to Pond and Dam Liners: Installation, Benefits, and Maintenance

Constructing ponds or dams can be an essential part of managing your property, be it for agricultural, commercial, or residential usage. These man-made water features play a crucial role in water resource management, irrigation, or even landscaping. However, their effectiveness, longevity, and environmental impact are heavily influenced by the proper installation and maintenance of pond[...]
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Lightning Protection

Effective Lightning Protection for Storage Tanks: Minimising Risks and Maximising Safety

The risk posed by lightning for commercial and industrial storage tanks can be both significant and costly, with potential consequences including damage to tank structures, fires, or even catastrophic failure. As a result, implementing an effective lightning protection system is paramount to ensuring the ongoing safety, performance, and compliance of your storage infrastructure. With our[...]
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