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ATM Tanks are tank liner specialists working with clients right across Australia. We have clients in every major city, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast And Hobart

Our custom-made chemical and water storage tank liners are an effective solution to your exiting leaking tank or new panel tank. These liners will be perfect for a steel panel or concrete water tank. We custom make each of our liners to fit perfectly into your tank. Our tank liner installation process will only require your tank to be clean, dry an free from any sharp objects. Depending on what your storage tank will be used for will ultimately decide what type of liner would best suit you. We can usually custom-make our liners in 3-4 days and have it installed within 2 weeks.

What Is A Tank Liner?

Typically a tank liner is a coating that is put into a metallic, plastic or concrete tank to protect whatever materials are stored inside of the tank itself. The tank liner used will then protect the interior and exterior of the tank from things such as corrosion as well as seal any gap that the tank may have.

How Much Does A Tank Liner Cost?

Every tank liner will be different so this is a very difficult question to answer. To determine the cost we would first need to inspect your tank to determine the size of the liner but more importantly what type of liner would suit your tank. We recommend  using PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) liners because its flexibility allows it to conform to its surroundings.

Will I Need A New Tank Liner?

The good news is most tank liners we inspect can be repaired without draining the tank or having to put your storage tank offline. In some cases though if the damage is quite extensive we will recommend a new liner and be able to quote you in 24 hours and installed within 2 weeks.

Panel Tanks

Bolted Round & Square Steel Panel Tanks From Start To Finish

ATM Tanks have been building industrial panel tanks right across Australia for the last 15 years. The industries we look after include the mining sector, food storage, hospitals, hotels, government power stations, fire water protection just to name a few. With recently completed projects in the heart of Sydney right out to the Western Australian desert.

How Long Will My Panel Tank Last?

The life of our panel tanks depend on a lot of different factors. We feel the most important one being the quality of the installation process. The strict installation processes we follow have been proven time and time again that OUR panel tank will last far longer then our competitors tanks. Other important factors included are regular inspections and whether your tank is built indoors or outdoors. The harsh Australian climate will impact the general wear and tear on your panel tank.

What Do I Do If My Panel Tank Leaks?

If you notice a leak in your panel tank the easiest option for you would be to pick up the phone and call 1800 422 444

Let the professionals deal with your leaking panel tank instead of trying to fix it yourself. A leaking tank is caused because one of several problems, such as a bad installation job to how old the actual tank is. On the other hand if you notice a pool of water near or around your tank this might not be a leak, it could just be something as simple as condensation.

What Kind Of Warranty Will My Panel Tank Have?

Our warranties on every tank we build are 30+ years for the design life, 25+ years on the shell and roof and 15 years on our tank liners.

Tank Repairs

Above Ground Industrial Storage Tank Repairs & Maintenance

ATM Tanks have built a reputation on being able to repair panel tanks in any location, in any environment. Tank repair jobs don’t need to slow down your production times. We are experts in diagnosing, mobilising then repairing your tank in as little time as possible. If your tank repair requires modifications, our engineering team are on standby ready to approve fabricating extensive steel plates, fittings and pipes so we can modify your tank while we are on site. This advantage will drastically reduce the overall tank repairs costing.

How Fast Can You Repair My Tank?

If your leaking tank is an emergency our team members will prioritise your tank leak and in major cities across Australia we will try and fix it within a couple days. This will obviously be a different story if your tank is in rural areas. This will depend on many other factors.

Who Will Be Working On My Tank?

The tank technicians we have here at ATM Tanks have grown up in the tank business. We have been working on and building panel tanks since we could lift a tool. Rest assured your investment will be repaired and back running in the quickest time possible.

How Often Should I Arrange A Tank Inspection?

If your tank is used as fire water protection we recommend once a year. Most tanks we repair have gone well beyond their service/inspection date. Instead of saving money on a tank service/inspection companies will let it go and have to fork out a lot more money once the tank is in a bad way.

Why Would I Need To Repair My Tank?

Above ground storage tanks are susceptible to corrosion damage on the track underneath the tanks base. This is mainly due to the water’s penetration during settlement of the tank and failure of conventional water sealants. Corrosion problems or leakages will result in the loss of water containment, environmental damage, downtime and a lot more further costs.

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