ATM Tanks is Australia’s leading tank services provider. We cater to all sorts of issues regarding storage tanks. One of the most advanced technologies that we offer is ROV inspections in Adelaide. But why use an ROV? Are there merits to using this instead of a human? Today, we will show you the benefits of using our services. Specifically, the ROV inspections that we do.

What is ROV?

ROV stands for remotely controlled vehicle. It is based in the same functions and concepts and functions used in Mars and moon rovers. A human being controls them from the outside. We use it to prevent any accidents from occurring. On some unfortunate occasions, a human can drown in a deep tank. Sometimes, the tank’s contents are dangerous, and it is better that a robot facilitates the cleaning and inspection than risk human life. Here are some of the things our ROVs can do:

  • Tank inspection with video and image snapshots
  • Corrosion inspection
  • Gathering and sampling
  • Water and liquid testing
  • Temperature measurement
  • Risk assessment

As you can see, our ROVs can do many things. Now that we have that out of the way, let us talk about the merits of using ROV.

Benefits of ROV Inspections in Adelaide

  • Faster execution – ROVs eliminate the risk of diving into tanks. If you use a human to do the work, you are putting that human in danger. As such, you need to secure permits from the government. The paperwork can delay a project. With ROV, it is not necessary. We can take the robot to your facility and start working right away.
  • No discharge needed – be it a water tank or a chemical tank, you do not need to discharge it to get it inspected. You also do not have to fill it. As you know, discharging a tank means you waste the content, or that you need another tank.
  • No recommissioning – if a human being steps into the tank, you need to de-contaminate the tank. This takes a while—you need to apply chlorine solution and other types of chemicals. You do not need to do this with ROV. When we do ROV inspection in Adelaide, you can commission the tank right after the inspection.
  • Data storage – since our ROVs are equipped with sensors and cameras, we can take videos and images and store the data. If you ever need remedial work, we may not need to dive in the tank again. Instead, we can watch the footage and see how we can plan to sort the issue in the future. With benefit, we can surely say that we will all be able to save you money and time.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using ROV inspection in Adelaide. Instead of a human assessing the tank, we can all gather together to watch the footage and make an informed assessment together. We can reduce risks and put your tank bank online again in a short period of time

Tank services will also go down in prices. As you know, human labour is much more expensive than robotic service. If you need to do tank inspection, the best option right now is to use ROV, provided that the conditions are right.


ROV inspection in Adelaide is our speciality. We have been in the tank inspection, fabrication, installation, and repair industry for over a decade. If you need help, just give us a call and we can assess the situation right away. Apart from inspection services, we can also give you recommendations what best things to do to maintain your tank. If the tank has been corroded, we can certainly work out a solution to repair it.

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