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If you notice leakage from your GRP water tank, consult an established, reputable and renowned tank company like ATM Tanks to handle this issue.  A leaking water tank indicates several problems, such as inefficient installation to a weak foundation of the GRP water tank base.

There are certain times, however, when water pools from your tank due to condensation.

Causes of GRP Panel Tank Leaks

You should first find out why the tank is leaking. A common cause of tank leakage is age. You need to know how old your tank is. You may have a superior quality tank; however, it may be worn out now if you have used it for a long time. When your GRP tank leaks, it prevents you from continuing to use it. You can save the costs of buying a new tank if you found out the leakage source.

If a crack is causing the leak, you should use an appropriate sealant. But, if you cannot discover where the leak is, or your attempts to seal it have not worked, do not panic.

The experts at ATM Tanks have very effective GRP tank leak repair techniques for you.

Allow our team of professionals to fix your GRP water tank leak

Get in touch with our expert team at ATM Tanks to avoid making errors when trying to fix your leaking GRP water tank. Our skilled staff will visit the site and assess your tank when you report a leakage. They will determine what the problem is and offer a solution accordingly. In some instances, the leaks are visible on the tank’s division’s wall. In such cases, it may be because the tank’s base is not compatible with the tank capacity.

Despite the tank being top quality, if the base foundation was not considered during installation, then with time, leakage is inevitable.

However, ATM also checks other factors that may cause your tank to leak, such as a base leak or mould and blisters on the coat.

Major issues linked to leaking industrial tanks because of lining failure

Inspection of water storage tanks is an essential part of the planned maintenance to avoid vital storage tanks from breaking down. This break down can cause a company to lose millions in replacing or repairing tanks and, at times, cause injury.

Wet areas are signs you will note near any water storage tanks that will indicate a problem with your tank lining. When you see this, it is advisable to contact ATM immediately if you want to avoid replacing your tank.

Repairing a leaking water storage tank is a lot more cost-effective compared to water tank replacement. It prevents downtime of water services and, overall interruption to your business is reduced drastically.

Coating System and LAM GRP System is suitable for protecting your business assets from the major issues linked to water storage leaks, both industrial and commercial such as:

  • Water tank leak
  • Water tank lining failure
  • Sectional tank lining
  • GRP Tank Leak


ATM Tanks have many years of experience in fibreglass lining. We have superior GRP products which we provide on-site to your specific specifications, offering maximum performance and a massive saving on tank replacement.

Benefits of GRP Tank Lining

Over the years, the refurbishment repair services of tank lining that we offer at ATM have been a great success. In a lot of cases, these solutions have been practical and affordable. Leaking and run-down tanks are restored to total service and operation.

We use various reliable and trusted systems to manufacture superior quality, seamless, waterproof, and corrosion-proof linings. Materials for tank lining include GRP (fibreglass), Polyurethane coatings and, Centaur Epoxy coatings.

Our skilled team carries out all tank linings according to our strict health and safety procedures set by the Australian Standards. ATM installation teams have full training and certification to work in confined spaces.

Using our range of products and an experienced team, we provide on-site solutions to your business. We refurbish your water storage tank lining fast and efficiently. We will also offer you future expert advice on how to avoid tank corrosion to meet your tank lining maintenance goals.


Instead of using a DIY method to fix your leaking tank, allow our skilled ATM team to do it. Their workmanship application techniques will guarantee that your leaking GRP water tank is restored to its previous new state!

Contact us today on 1800 422 444 to find out what work we can carry out on your leaking water tank. The ATM team will be happy to discuss the product we will use and our procedures in more detail.

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