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Essential Steps for Tank Lightning Protection

Lightning strikes can pose a significant threat to above-ground tanks. At ATM Tanks, we understand that protecting these tanks from lightning is crucial to ensure their safety and functionality. A single strike can cause severe damage, leading to costly repairs and potentially hazardous situations. That’s why having an effective lightning protection system in place is[...]
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Lightning Protection

Effective Lightning Protection for Storage Tanks: Minimising Risks and Maximising Safety

The risk posed by lightning for commercial and industrial storage tanks can be both significant and costly, with potential consequences including damage to tank structures, fires, or even catastrophic failure. As a result, implementing an effective lightning protection system is paramount to ensuring the ongoing safety, performance, and compliance of your storage infrastructure. With our[...]
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Tank Lightning Safety: Essential Protection Tips

When it comes to protecting above-ground tanks from the threats of lightning, understanding the risks and implementing the right protection strategies is crucial. Lightning strikes can lead to severe damage, not only compromising the structural integrity of tanks but also posing significant safety risks. Here at ATM Tanks, we provide top-notch solutions that safeguard these[...]
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