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When it comes to protecting above-ground tanks from the threats of lightning, understanding the risks and implementing the right protection strategies is crucial. Lightning strikes can lead to severe damage, not only compromising the structural integrity of tanks but also posing significant safety risks. Here at ATM Tanks, we provide top-notch solutions that safeguard these vital assets from such natural phenomena.

Our approach focuses on integrating comprehensive lightning protection systems tailored to meet the specific needs of each tank we handle. This process involves a detailed risk assessment followed by the installation of advanced protection components. These systems are designed to manage and mitigate the intense electrical charges caused by lightning strikes, thus maintaining the operational integrity and safety of your tanks.

Recognising the dangers associated with lightning and adopting effective protection measures not only helps prolong the lifespan of your tanks but also fortifies your facility’s safety protocols. Join us as we delve into the essentials of protecting your tanks, ensuring they remain secure under any weather conditions.

Understanding the Risk of Lightning to Tanks

At ATM Tanks, we recognise that lightning is a powerful natural force that poses a significant threat to tanks, particularly those located outdoors. When lightning strikes a tank, it can generate intense heat, electrical surges, and even fire, jeopardising both the structural integrity of the tank and the safety of the contents within. Such incidents not only lead to costly repairs but can also disrupt operations and pose safety risks to nearby personnel.

Therefore, understanding and mitigating the risks associated with lightning strikes is crucial. Tanks made from materials that conduct electricity, such as steel, are particularly vulnerable. However, even non-conductive tanks can suffer damage from secondary effects like nearby ground strikes. These risks elevate the importance of implementing a comprehensive lightning protection system to effectively divert and dissipate the electrical charge away from the tank and its valuable contents.

Key Components of a Lightning Protection System for Tanks

A robust lightning protection system is essential for safeguarding tanks against the direct and secondary impacts of lightning strikes. At ATM Tanks, our systems are designed to include several key components, each serving a critical role in the overall effectiveness of the protection strategy. Here are the primary elements we incorporate:

1. Lightning Rods: These are installed at the highest points of the tank. They function as the initial contact point for lightning strikes, safely redirecting the electrical current away from the tank.

2. Conductors: Connected to the lightning rods, these metallic cables channel the electrical current downward toward the ground.

3. Grounding System: This component is crucial as it absorbs and disperses the electrical energy into the earth, preventing any potential damage to the tank structure.

4. Surge Protection Devices: Integrated into the tank’s electrical installations, these devices protect against transient voltage spikes caused by lightning, significantly reducing the risk of electrical equipment damage.

By integrating these components, we ensure a comprehensive approach to lightning protection, significantly reducing the likelihood of damage to our tanks and providing peace of mind to our clients.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Lightning Protection

At ATM Tanks, we provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide to ensure the safe and efficient installation of lightning protection systems on tanks. First, we begin by conducting a thorough assessment of the tank site and its surroundings. This assessment helps in understanding the specific needs and potential risks, enabling the placement of the lightning rods optimally to capture strikes effectively.

We then proceed by securing the lightning rods at the highest points on the tank. This strategy ensures that any lightning strike is intercepted at these rods rather than hitting the tank directly. The next critical step involves laying out the conductors. These are typically made of highly conductive copper or aluminium and are run from the lightning rods down to the ground. It’s crucial that these paths are installed straight and free of sharp bends to facilitate a smooth flow of the electrical current towards the earth, minimising resistance.

Routine Maintenance to Ensure Effective Lightning Targets

Maintaining your lightning protection system is as vital as its initial installation. At ATM Tanks, we emphasise regular checks, especially after major weather events featuring lightning. These inspections help in identifying and rectifying any damages or wear to the conductors, rods, or grounding system that might compromise the system’s integrity.

Our routine maintenance schedule includes visual inspections of all visible components and testing the system’s electrical continuity. If any part of the conductor is found to be broken or if a connection is loose, immediate repairs are carried out to restore the system’s functionality. Additionally, we perform earth resistance tests annually to ensure the ground system retains its effectiveness, which is vital for dispersing the lightning strikes safely into the ground.


Ensuring the integrity and longevity of your tanks requires regular maintenance and the implementation of robust protection systems against natural elements like lightning. At ATM Tanks, we specialise in providing top-notch solutions, from tank construction and liner installation to sophisticated lightning protection systems tailored to meet specific operational and environmental needs.

Protecting your tanks is not just about adhering to safety standards; it’s about ensuring continuity in operations, minimising downtime, and securing your assets. If you want to enhance your tanks’ safety and durability with professional, reliable service, look no further. Contact ATM Tanks today, and let us help you safeguard your valuable investments with precision and expertise. Let’s secure your tanks for the future together with our tank lightning protection services and more with our commercial tank experts.

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