The Benefits of Tank Waterproofing for Extended Lifespan and Enhanced Performance

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Tank Waterproofing

Above-ground storage tanks are indispensable assets for a broad range of businesses, holding essential materials such as water, fuels, and chemicals. As a significant investment, it’s essential to prioritise the maintenance, safety, and longevity of these tanks, including addressing any potential issues related to leakage or chemical corrosion. An effective tank waterproofing solution from us can provide robust protection for your storage infrastructure, significantly extending its lifespan, improving overall performance, and ensuring the reliability of your storage system.

This guide to tank waterproofing solutions will help you understand the benefits of implementing a robust waterproofing treatment for your above-ground storage tanks. Discover the methods and materials used in tank waterproofing, such as coatings and liners, and learn the importance of proper surface preparation, expert application, and ongoing maintenance. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about the long-term care and preservation of your storage infrastructure.

Key Benefits of Tank Waterproofing Solutions

Understanding the advantages of implementing tank waterproofing solutions can help you maximise the performance and lifespan of your above-ground storage tanks:

1. Protection Against Leaks: Waterproofing treatments can effectively seal any existing leaks, safeguarding the integrity of a tank’s contents, preventing contamination, and reducing the risk of environmental damage.

2. Extended Tank Life: Proper waterproofing can significantly prolong the life of your storage infrastructure by protecting it from corrosion and reinforcing its structural integrity, reducing the need for repairs or replacements.

3. Improved Operational Efficiency: Waterproof coatings and liners provide an additional layer of protection that can enhance a tank’s overall performance, resulting in fewer disruptions due to maintenance or repairs.

4. Cost Savings: Waterproofing your storage tanks reduces the need for repairs or early replacement, minimising costs associated with ongoing tank maintenance and asset replacement over time.

Waterproofing Methods and Materials

Various methods and materials can be employed to waterproof above-ground storage tanks, depending on factors such as tank material, size, and the substance being stored:

1. Liquid Coatings: Versatile and cost-effective, liquid coatings can be applied to a tank’s interior or exterior surfaces, creating a seamless waterproof barrier resistant to corrosion, chemical attack, and abrasion.

2. Sheet Liners: Sheet liners, typically made from durable, chemical-resistant materials like PVC or geomembranes, can be fitted to the internal surfaces of tanks, providing an additional layer of protection and leak prevention.

3. Cementitious Coatings: These coatings consist of a cement-based compound reinforced with polymers, offering superior resistance to chemical corrosion and exceptional durability in heavy-duty storage applications.

4. Bituminous Coatings: Made from water-resistant bitumen or asphalt, these coatings can provide long-lasting protection for tanks subjected to harsh environmental conditions or aggressive substances.

The Significance of Proper Surface Preparation and Application

A successful waterproofing solution relies on expert surface preparation and the correct application of chosen materials:

1. Surface Preparation: Prior to the application of any waterproofing treatment, tank surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, removing any dirt, rust, or existing coatings to ensure optimal adhesion and overall effectiveness.

2. Material Compatibility: Choosing an appropriate waterproofing material that is compatible with both the tank’s material and its stored contents is crucial in ensuring a long-lasting protective solution.

3. Expert Application: It’s essential to engage experienced professionals who understand the nuances of applying waterproofing treatments, ensuring proper coverage, thickness, and drying times for maximum performance and durability.

4. Quality Assurance: Employing a reputable company with a track record of delivering high-quality tank waterproofing solutions will ensure the job is completed to industry standards and best practices.

The Role of Ongoing Maintenance and Monitoring in Tank Waterproofing Success

Regular maintenance and monitoring of your tank waterproofing system play a vital role in ensuring long-term performance and reliability:

1. Inspections: Schedule routine inspections to assess the condition of your waterproofing treatment and identify any potential damage, wear, or corrosion that may require attention.

2. Repairs and Maintenance: Promptly address any identified issues, ensuring your waterproofing system continues to provide robust protection over time.

3. Protective Measures: Keep tanks clean and free from debris to minimise the likelihood of damage or water ingress that may compromise the effectiveness of your waterproofing solution.

4. Environmental Monitoring: Keep an eye on surrounding environmental conditions, such as changes in soil, nearby vegetation, or water levels that could negatively impact the performance of your watertight barrier.


Implementing an effective tank waterproofing solution is crucial for ensuring the integrity, safety, and longevity of your above-ground storage infrastructure. By understanding the benefits, materials, and methods involved, as well as the importance of proper preparation, application, and ongoing maintenance, you can confidently make informed decisions in managing the preservation of your valuable storage assets.

ATM Tanks for your tank waterproofing needs. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your requirements and deliver robust protection for your storage tanks. Contact us today to discuss your tank waterproofing requirements and learn how our expert services can reinforce the longevity and performance of your storage infrastructure.

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