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Industrial tanks, which can store a wide variety of liquids, are commonly found in numerous types of facilities. Irrespective of your facility and the liquid stored in your industrial tank, maintaining the tank’s cleanliness is crucial for your business. 

A dirty tank can lead to bacterial growth, negatively affecting the stored liquid and the tank itself. To prevent bacteria buildup, scheduling yearly tank cleaning services is essential. In the next section, we’ll discuss the importance of bacteria prevention and other reasons for regular tank cleaning.

Getting Ready for an Industrial Storage Tank Inspection

To prepare for an industrial tank inspection, it is essential to understand the regulations in your area regarding the frequency of inspections. Requirements vary from state to state, with some mandating checks every five years and others more frequently. 

Knowing when inspections are scheduled can help you prepare for the inspector’s visit, including ensuring that the tank is thoroughly cleaned prior to examination. An empty, clean tank provides the inspector with the best opportunity to identify potential problems. 

While many tanks are equipped with warning systems, nothing can compare to the accuracy of a visual inspection. Cleaning the tank before the assessment enables the inspector to get a clear view of the tank’s condition and functionality, making it easier to identify any issues and provide effective solutions.

Inhibiting the Growth of Bacteria in Your Tank

Ensuring that your tank is professionally cleaned is crucial in preventing bacteria growth. Regardless of the type of liquid or chemicals stored in your tank, the risk of bacteria growth is always present. 

Even when the tank is mostly full, bacteria and grime can accumulate on the interior walls, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria can contaminate and harm the quality of the contents stored in the tank.

Foreign bacteria can also enter your tank, whether through damage or when opening the tank to add or remove contents. Once this foreign bacteria enters your tank, it can grow and contaminate the contents. 

Simply draining the contents is not enough since this bacteria can cling to the interior walls of the tank. Therefore, it is necessary to have a professional tank cleaning service to ensure that all bacteria and contaminants are removed before it is safe to use the tank again.

Getting Your Tank Ready for New Additions

Some facilities refill their tanks with the same contents, while others use the same tank for different contents. No matter what, there are usually regulations in place regarding the addition of new contents to a tank without proper cleaning. 

Nevertheless, if there are no such requirements in your area, cleaning the tank before adding new contents is still highly recommended. As previously mentioned, old contents can leave behind bacteria and sediment, which can contaminate the new contents as soon as they are added to the tank. 

This can negatively impact the quality of the new content. Cleaning the tank before adding new contents is the most effective way to ensure that it is free of any contaminants and ready for the new ones. This, in turn, helps to maintain the quality of the new contents for a longer period of time.

Minimising the Buildup of Sediment in the Tank

Bacteria can develop not only on the walls of an industrial tank but also in the sediment that accumulates at the tank’s bottom. Inorganic materials and sludge can also gather at the bottom of the tank, resulting from bacteria growth or the tank’s contents and surrounding conditions. 

The thick sediment can trap bacteria within the tank, which can damage the tank and the contents stored inside it. While draining the tank of its contents can remove some sediment, this process often requires professional cleaning supplies that most facilities do not possess. 

That’s why hiring professionals with the necessary cleaning supplies is the best way to remove tank sediment and prevent further accumulation.


It is vital to keep industrial tanks clean and in good condition to avoid bacterial growth, preserve the quality of the stored materials, and prolong the tank’s lifespan. Employing expert tank cleaning services guarantees comprehensive cleaning. 

Consistent maintenance can help save money over time by preventing expensive repairs and replacements. Hence, it is important to focus on maintaining the cleanliness and proper upkeep of your industrial tank.

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