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Tank liners are an essential component for preserving the efficiency, integrity, and longevity of various types of above ground tanks, from potable water storage to wastewater treatment systems. With numerous materials, applications, and benefits attributed to tank liners, understanding their role in tank maintenance can be pivotal for adopting reliable solutions tailored to the specific needs of your tank systems. ATM Tanks, a leading provider of tank design, installation, repairs, and maintenance across Australia and the Pacific, is well-equipped to offer expert guidance and insights to help enhance your storage requirements, highlighting their dedication to delivering exceptional quality and service.

In this comprehensive article, we will take a closer look at the fascinating world of tank liners, exploring their types, applications, and benefits in tank maintenance. By providing a deep understanding of these essential components, we aim to empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about maintaining your above ground tank system, ensuring an efficient, safe, and long-lasting storage solution. By opting for a trusted tank maintenance provider like ATM Tanks, you are choosing a dedicated partner who puts your storage needs first and guarantees expert insights and services tailored to your specific requirements. So, let’s dive into the world of tank liners and discover how they can play a crucial role in enhancing your above ground tank maintenance.

Types of Tank Liners

There are various types of tank liners available in the market, catering to different applications and offering unique benefits. Some common types include:

1. PVC Liners: Made from polyvinyl chloride, these liners are flexible, inexpensive, and lightweight, making them ideal for installations in small to medium tanks.

2. EPDM Liners: Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) liners are exceptionally UV and ozone-resistant, providing long-lasting solutions for outdoor tanks exposed to harsh weather conditions.

3. Rubber Liners: Rubber liners, such as synthetic rubber or natural rubber, offer excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, making them ideal for industries dealing with corrosive or abrasive substances.

4. Reinforced Liners: These liners combine the benefits of different materials, like reinforced PVC (RPE) or reinforced polyethylene (RPE), delivering enhanced strength, puncture resistance, and durability compared to single-material liners.

Applications of Tank Liners

Tank liners are utilised in various applications across diverse industries, making them a vital storage system component. Some common applications include:

1. Potable Water Storage: Tank liners are often used to protect potable water storage tanks from corrosion and leaks, ensuring the drinking water remains clean and safe for consumption.

2. Wastewater Treatment: Liners are particularly useful in wastewater treatment systems, providing protection against the corrosive nature of wastewater and ensuring tank longevity.

3. Chemical Storage: In industries handling hazardous chemicals, tank liners offering resistance to chemical corrosion ensure the safe containment and preservation of these substances.

4. Fire Protection Tanks: Installing tank liners in fire protection tanks helps provide added durability and resistance to withstand high-pressure water flow and maintain structural integrity.

5. Agriculture and Irrigation: Liners installed in tanks for agriculture and irrigation purposes safeguard against water seepage and contaminants, ensuring efficient water utilisation and promoting crop health.

Benefits of Tank Liners

There are numerous benefits attributed to the use of tank liners in above ground storage systems. Some key advantages include:

1. Enhanced Durability: Tank liners provide an additional layer of protection against corrosion, leaks, and abrasions, prolonging the lifespan and overall durability of your tank.

2. Cost-Effective: Liners can render significant cost savings by reducing the risk of damage and extending your tank’s service life, minimising the need for expensive repairs or replacement.

3. Easy Installation & Repair: Liners can be customised for an optimal fit and are straightforward to install or replace, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth tank operations.

4. Maintenance Efficiency: Liners simplify your tank’s maintenance process by facilitating better access for cleaning, inspection, and repairs as needed.

5. Environmentally Friendly: By minimising potential leaks and preserving the quality of stored contents, tank liners contribute to a more sustainable storage solution that prioritises environmental conservation.

Importance of Professional Tank Lining Services

To reap the benefits of tank liners, sourcing professional tank lining services is vital. Trusting an experienced provider like ATM Tanks ensures:

1. Custom Solutions: ATM Tanks delivers tailored liner solutions, taking into consideration your tank size, shape, and specific storage requirements.

2. Quality Assurance: By partnering with a trusted provider like ATM Tanks, you receive high-quality materials and expert workmanship, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your tank liner.

3. Comprehensive Services: ATM Tanks offers a gamut of services, including design, installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair, creating a one-stop solution for your tank lining needs.

4. Regulatory Compliance: Professional tank lining services ensure adherence to government regulations and industry standards, guaranteeing a safe and compliant storage system for your specific applications.


Tank liners play a critical role in maintaining the integrity, efficiency, and longevity of various above ground tanks across numerous industries. By understanding the different types of tank liners, their applications, and their benefits, you can make informed decisions about incorporating tank liners into your storage systems. Furthermore, trusting a professional tank lining provider like ATM Tanks guarantees expertly tailored solutions, superior quality, and comprehensive support throughout your tank’s lifecycle.

Remember to choose a reliable partner like ATM Tanks when seeking professional tank cleaning and lining services, guaranteeing expert guidance and exceptional quality for your unique storage requirements. By doing so, you’ll maximise the lifespan and performance of your storage systems, safeguarding your investment and securing the highest level of safety and efficiency for your specific applications.

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