Sydney is the most populated city in Australia. As such, it is not unusual for homes and other commercial establishments to have water tanks. Many of these tanks for years, and we often hear of sad stories about contamination and outbreaks. Did you know that you have to clean these tanks regularly? Yes, unclean tanks can cause diseases and even death, and this is what ATM Tanks has advocated to prevent. It is out mission to make sure that all tanks in Sydney are safe to contain food and liquid fit for human consumption. Today, you will learn why tank cleaning in Sydney is one of the things that you should schedule regularly.

Unclean water has germs

So, you are thinking that since the tank is pressurised, that germs cannot live there. This is incorrect. The water that comes to your tank came from another location. As it travels through those pipes, the water passes through some areas that are unclean. It takes only a small hole in the tube for bacteria to creep in. And when they do, they can get transported by the water into your tank and into your facet. The water tank has to be cleaned regularly. This should prevent impurities to occur and kill germs that are already replicating inside. These germs and bacteria can cause diseases like cholera and dysentery.

Unclean water can sometimes lead to death

Tank cleaning in Sydney is important because if you do not do it, people often fall really sick and could possibly die. According to medical statistics, the 6th leading cause of death is unclean water. Many of us think that water is clean after it leaves the facility. While this is true, the water still passes through several areas that can make it unclean. You see, you use water to take a bath, cook, do your laundry, and then wash your dishes. Since water is a vital component of our day to day lives, we must ensure that the water we drink or touches our bodies is clean. We even use water to brush our teeth, and this is one of the most common ways for bacteria to get in contact with our bodies.

Unclean tanks cause financial losses

We do not just clean water tanks; we also clean industrial tanks. It does not matter if you store liquid or solid inside your tank—they have to be cleaned. We carefully assess the condition of the tank that you use for your factory and manufacturing processes. From there, we take calculated steps to clean the tank from the inside out. As such, you have a guarantee that your food will not get contaminated. The last thing you want is to realize that your entire batch of raw materials is contaminated, and that you cannot do anything to save it. You end up wasting your raw materials, and this costs money. Instead of going through all of these, you have to set a scheduled maintenance with us. We will disinfect your tank, do the repairs necessary, and then you can put back your materials without having to worry if they are contaminated or not.


ATM Tanks is your ally when it comes to safety. Even if your tank is used as an ordinary water tank at home or you are operating a factory, your tank has to be cleaned, disinfected and sanitized. The last thing you want is for someone to get sick. We have been doing this for more than ten years. We have the proper equipment and highly trained personnel to get the job done. Call us now to book a consultation. We will do an ocular inspection and give you a fair quotation for the project.

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