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Sydney Tank Repairs And Maintenance

ATM Tanks Group knows that ensuring consistent performance of industrial grade tanks in Sydney is never enough. Because of the increasing demands from the clients and industry practices, tank repairs in Sydney should come with warranty to ensure that the work is completed with quality and lasting performance.

ATM offers warranty on their maintenance services and beyond. Aside from providing warranty on the basic maintenance tasks, ATM also offers warranty on tanks recently upgraded and all of our tank repairs in Sydney. Even tanks that are already dilapidated are also covered by the company’s warranty. Through the warranty, ATM assures clients excellent results with lasting efficiency.

To ensure that the tank repairs and maintenance services offered by ATM is world class, the company uses diverse techniques to clean and maintain the clients tanks. Among the cleaning technique used by ATM is the use of divers. By using divers, the clean-up is highly efficient with minimal water spillage. Companies could continue using their tanks the soonest time possible because the cleaning technique requires limited water displacement. ATM also employs CCTV to provide real time feed to their client. The use of the said technology gives the clients direct hand on some processes especially on tanks with special requirements and requests.

Aside from using licensed divers, ATM also use other techniques in tank cleaning and maintenance to reach the “like-new” status of the tank. Experts at ATM can easily determine the correct cleaning process to exceed the clients’ expectations. While meeting the clients’ expectations, ATM is also mindful of the government standards in tank construction and maintenance. Meeting these standards means that the structures built and maintained are fully recognised by the government and could be protected with insurance.

As a business, ATM expects good compensation for the world-class service offered. But we are mindful of our clients’ budget and provide financial forecasting to ensure that the clients can achieve the quality they want according to their budget. Clients can request for a quote, this gives them the opportunity to immediately decide if the rates match their budget or not. Tank repairs and maintenance from ATM is more than just quality work – it’s also work done according to their clients’ financial capability.

ATM offers impressive warranty coverage which goes beyond repair and upgrade. Employing highly efficient and time effective maintenance techniques without compromising industry standards, ATM offers top quality services at affordable rates.

Our most common tank repair projects include:

  • Shell patches or replacements
  • Bottom replacements
  • Roof plate repair and replacement
  • Pit welding of corroded areas
  • Floating roof seal replacements
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