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In many parts of Australia, bushfires represent a significant challenge, requiring careful planning and preparation to mitigate their impact on lives, property, and essential infrastructure. For those relying on above-ground tanks for water, fuel, or other crucial resources, safeguarding these storage systems is imperative to ensure their functionality, durability, and resistance to bushfire threats.

In this guide, we’ll examine the vital steps and best practices for preparing your above-ground tank for the bushfire season in Australia. Exploring key strategies such as ensuring ease of access for emergency services, protecting stored water from contamination, creating defensible space around your tank, and maintaining the integrity of your storage system, we’ll provide practical insights for securing your above-ground tank against bushfire hazards. We’ll also discuss the value of partnering with professional tank service providers like ATM Tanks to facilitate seamless bushfire preparedness.

With ATM Tanks’s expertise in tank design, installation, repairs, and maintenance across Australia and the Pacific, you can be confident in our ability to offer sound guidance and practical solutions for protecting your above-ground storage systems. By understanding the risks and requirements of bushfire season, you can secure your storage systems and resources against potential damage, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of your investment.

Facilitate Access to Emergency Services

One essential factor in bushfire preparedness is ensuring that emergency services can easily access your property and above-ground tank in the event of a fire. Follow these guidelines for improving access:

1. Clear Access Ways: Remove any obstructions or hazards on the path to your tank, including overgrown vegetation, debris, or parked vehicles.

2. Signage and Visibility: Use clear, visible signage to indicate the location of your tank and provide directional signs for easier navigation.

3. Minimise Distance: Ideally, your tank should be located no more than 100 metres from a road that allows emergency vehicle access and not more than 6 metres from a hardstand or accessway area.

By ensuring convenient access to emergency services, you enhance the likelihood of protecting your above-ground tank and stored resources, potentially saving lives and property in the process.

Protect Your Stored Water for Bushfire Emergencies

Often, water tanks are an essential resource in fighting bushfires, and preserving their potable water supply is crucial. Take the following steps to protect your stored water:

1. Screen Inputs: Install fine mesh screens over inlet pipes and overflow outlets to protect your stored water from ash and debris contamination.

2. Dedicated Pump: Equip your tank with a dedicated pump for firefighting, helping to ensure a constant water supply is available in an emergency.

3. Backup Power: Consider installing an independent power supply, such as a generator or solar-powered backup system, to maintain pump functionality if the primary power source is compromised.

Protecting the water quality and supply in your above-ground tank during bushfire season ensures you are prepared for any emergency.

Create a Defensible Space Around Your Tank

Creating a defensible space around your above-ground tank is essential for reducing the impact of bushfire hazards. A few key steps can be taken in this area:

1. Clear Vegetation: Remove flammable vegetation and debris within a 30-metre radius of your tank and ensure trees and shrubs are pruned and well-maintained.

2. Use Non-Combustible Materials: For tanks installed on stands, ensure that the stand is made from non-combustible material to minimise fire risk.

3. Shielding: If possible, install shielding around your tank to protect it from radiant heat, using non-combustible materials such as steel or brick walls.

Creating a defensible space around your tank helps to minimise the risk of fire spreading to your above-ground storage system, ultimately protecting your valuable resources.

Conduct Regular Maintenance and Sealing

Routine maintenance and checks are necessary to keep your above-ground tanks in optimal condition for bushfire season. A couple of essential tasks include the following:

1. Regular Inspections: Perform visual inspections of your above-ground tank to identify potential risks, such as corrosion, leaks, or damage to the tank, fittings, pipes, and attachments. Address any issues promptly.

2. Seal Openings: Ensure that all openings, such as inlet and outlet pipes, vents, and hatches, are sealed with appropriate materials, such as metal or fire-resistant seals, to prevent the ingress of bushfire embers.

Partnering with professional service providers like ATM Tanks for maintenance and repairs ensures optimum tank performance during the bushfire season. Their expertise in tank design, installation, and maintenance guarantees the provision of robust storage solutions and responsive service throughout any emergency.


Preparing your above-ground tank for bushfire season in Australia requires diligence and a commitment to proactive planning. By facilitating access to emergency services, protecting stored water quality, creating a defensible space around your tank, and conducting regular maintenance, you can significantly reduce the risks posed by bushfires to your storage infrastructure. Partnering with professional service providers like ATM Tanks ensures your storage system receives expert care, which is essential for safeguarding your valuable resources and property.

As we face uncertain environmental conditions, taking all necessary precautions to protect our valuable assets is essential for long-term security and effectiveness. Indeed, a well-prepared above-ground tank system translates to peace of mind for property owners and safeguards against the unpredictable. 

Pursue the necessary steps and engage professional support from ATM Tanks, ensuring your above-ground tank is ready for the challenges of bushfire season. With foresight and expert assistance, you can navigate Australia’s bushfire season with confidence, knowing that your storage solution is protected and equipped for any eventuality. Contact us today for high-quality tank maintenance!

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