Why Choose ATM Tanks To Build Your New Panel Tank On The Gold Coast

Whether you want a round panel tank on the Gold Coast or a rectangular one, we at ATM Tanks are ready to help you. We have been in the tank business for nearly two decades, and we know what works best for our customers. But why should you choose us to build your new panel tank? Let us show you the different reasons why ATM Tanks is the premier tanks service and fabrication company in Australia.

Various Industries

It’s not just households and commercial establishments that use panel tanks. All companies that manufacture food, or anything that requires bottling and packaging, for that matter, needs panel tanks. At ATM Tanks, we specialise in fabricating panel tanks such as:

  • Tanks for solid storage
  • Fire Water Tanks
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Liquid tanks for chemicals and other solutions

We also do water tanks for home use, not just commercial and manufacturing use. As you can see, we do have an extensive line up of tanks that you can choose from. What we do not do, however, are underground tanks. Over the years, we have realised that tanks are best placed above ground—they are easier to maintain and repair.

Services and Repairs

Speaking of repairs, there will come a time when your panel tank on the Gold Coast will eventually erode due to oxidation. If this happens, you can give us a call and we will be there to service you. Panel tanks are made of metal. And even if they have liners, the chemical composition of the liquid is gradually going to erode the liner. Add to that the fact that most tanks are outdoors, and you have a tank that has to battle various weather conditions.

To ensure that your tank has a long lifespan, we also encourage you to schedule a regular maintenance service from us. Our experts will come to your facility on a regular basis and do the cleaning and maintenance. If you do this, it will be easier to spot problems in your tank—problems that we can immediately fix. Without proper care and maintenance, your tank may corrode and by the time you find out about it, it may be too late.

Tank Liner Support

Apart from building tanks, we also make liners. And we do not just offer on type—we make sure that the liner you use fits the purpose of your panel tank. As experts in the tank industry, we have learned that different chemical solutions react in different ways with liners. As such, a liner type for water is not ideal of use in a chemical solution.

Some of the kinds of liners we offer are:

Now, we will guide you in choosing the best liners. Once we start our discussion with you, our expert engineers will try to understand what the tank will be used for, and they will make recommendations as to what liner will work best with it.


We at ATM Tanks have serviced so many clients. Not only do we service customers on the Gold Coast, but we also service many happy customers in various cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. If you need a new panel tank on the Gold Coast give us a call today on 1800 422 444 and let us know your requirements. We can also send somebody in your facility to do an ocular inspection. This way, our company representative can adequately measure the space and understand what you need. Within 24 hours of our visit, you should receive a quotation from us-we will give you a price for a high-quality service or product that our competition simply cannot match.

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