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Panel tanks, also known as bolted or sectional tanks, are a versatile and efficient choice for water storage requirements across various industries. These tanks are renowned for their quick and easy installation, flexible configuration options, and long-lasting durability. Particularly suited to environments where space constraints or access difficulties are prevalent, panel tanks offer an ideal solution for applications ranging from potable water storage to fire protection, wastewater treatment, and more.

In this blog post, we will delve into panel tanks’ numerous benefits and diverse applications, examining how they effectively cater to the unique water storage demands of various sectors such as government, mining, energy, and agriculture. We will also highlight the exceptional expertise and trusted reputation of ATM Tanks, who have been servicing and replacing panel tanks for over 15 years. Their dedication to delivering high-quality, reliable, and tailored water storage solutions enables them to meet the specific needs of their clients across an array of industries, solidifying their position as industry experts in panel tank installation, repairs, and maintenance.

As water scarcity and environmental concerns continue to challenge industries worldwide, investing in efficient, durable, and versatile water storage solutions that can adapt to various applications and conditions is crucial. Panel tanks stand as one such solution, providing countless benefits to ensure the effective management of water resources for a wide range of purposes. Let’s explore the advantages of panel tanks and their diverse applications across multiple industries while examining how ATM Tanks’ expertise can help you make the most of these efficient water storage systems.

Key Advantages of Panel Tanks

Understanding the fundamental benefits of panel tanks is vital in determining their suitability across various industries and applications. Some key advantages of panel tanks include:

1. Quick and Easy Installation: Panel tanks are composed of individual sections bolted together on-site, significantly reducing installation time compared to traditional storage solutions such as concrete tanks. Additionally, their modular design ensures easy transport and assembly in areas with limited access or other infrastructural constraints.

2. Flexible Configuration: Panel tanks can be assembled in various shapes and sizes to suit the specific requirements of the installation site and intended application. This flexibility caters to various space limitations, accessibility concerns, and storage demands, making panel tanks a versatile choice across numerous industries.

3. Durability and Longevity: Often made from galvanised or stainless steel materials, panel tanks are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and maintain their structural integrity over time. They can also be equipped with internal liners to enhance durability further and prevent corrosion.

4. Custom Options: Panel tanks can be tailored to specific client requirements, with access hatches, ladders, and overflow systems available for customisation.

ATM Tanks’ expertise in panel tank installation, maintenance, and repair ensures these advantages are fully utilised in water storage solutions across various industries.

Panel Tanks in Government and Municipal Sectors

Panel tanks play a significant role in the government and municipal sectors, addressing potable water storage, fire protection, emergency response, and wastewater treatment needs efficiently and reliably. Some applications include:

1. Drinking Water Storage: Panel tanks can be customised with internal liners that meet drinking water standards, providing a safe and plentiful potable water supply to local communities.

2. Fire Protection: Equipped with properly engineered access points and connections, panel tanks can store substantial volumes of water for fire suppression systems and emergency response situations.

3. Stormwater Management: Panel tanks can store excess stormwater or runoff to help manage and mitigate the effects of flooding in urban areas.

ATM Tanks’ experience servicing and replacing panel tanks throughout the government and municipal sectors ensures dependable water storage solutions for these critical applications.

Panel Tanks in the Mining and Energy Sectors

Panel tanks are widely utilised in the mining and energy industries due to their durable construction, flexible configuration, and ability to withstand harsh environments. Some popular applications include:

1. Process Water Storage: Panel tanks effectively store process water for mining operations, helping to manage water resources and assist in water treatment processes.

2. Chemical Storage: Tailored to specifications, panel tanks can be equipped with internal liners or coatings resistant to harsh chemicals in mining and energy applications.

3. Cooling System Support: Large-scale industrial operations rely on cooling systems to maintain safe operating temperatures, with panel tanks storing water to ensure adequate cooling in these processes.

ATM Tanks’ proficiency in servicing panel tanks for the mining and energy sectors provides reliable storage solutions for these vital applications.

Panel Tanks in Agricultural and Irrigation Sectors

Panel tanks present an effective solution for water storage demands within the agriculture and irrigation sectors, catering to requirements such as water conservation, crop irrigation, and livestock support:

1. Water Conservation: Panel tanks help manage and conserve water resources, ensuring a consistent supply is available throughout the year, particularly during times of drought.

2. Irrigation Systems: A reliable water storage solution, panel tanks provide sufficient reserves for agricultural irrigation systems, supporting crop growth and overall productivity.

3. Livestock Support: Panel tanks can store large volumes of water for livestock consumption, ensuring adequate animal hydration and supporting farm operations.

With their extensive experience in panel tank installation and maintenance, ATM Tanks are well-equipped to provide water storage solutions for the agricultural and irrigation sectors.


Panel tanks offer numerous advantages and diverse applications across government, mining, energy, and agriculture industries. Quick and easy installation, flexible configurations, durability, and customisation options combine to make panel tanks a versatile and reliable choice for water storage requirements in various settings.

With their 15+ years of experience servicing and replacing panel tanks, ATM Tanks are ideally positioned to provide tailored water storage solutions across Australia and the Pacific. Their panel tank design, installation, repairs, and maintenance expertise ensures a reliable and efficient water storage solution tailored to your needs and requirements.

Whether you’re looking to store potable water, support an irrigation system, or manage wastewater effectively, partnering with ATM Tanks is a wise choice. They can guide you through selecting, installing, and maintaining a panel tank water storage solution tailored to your unique situation and industry’s demands. Partner with ATM Tanks today and enjoy the peace of mind of investing in a dependable and high-quality panel tank water storage solution.

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