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Above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) are essential components in various industries, fulfilling critical storage needs for an array of liquids, including water, fuel, chemicals, and more. Ensuring the safe operation and maintaining the integrity of these valuable assets is a top priority for businesses in safeguarding the environment, avoiding costly damages, and adhering to regulatory requirements. A foundational aspect in achieving these goals is a robust and consistent monitoring and inspection regime.

In this comprehensive and informative blog, we will delve into the importance of establishing a system of regular monitoring and inspections for your ASTs. We will examine the various inspection methods available, including visual inspection, ultrasonic testing, and radiographic testing, to ensure the tank’s structure and integrity remain uncompromised. Furthermore, we will discuss the regulatory requirements for AST inspections and the potential risks and consequences for non-compliance.

Importance of Regular Monitoring and Inspections

Consistent monitoring and inspections are crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient use of above-ground storage tanks. Regular assessments provide several benefits:

1. Early detection of issues: Inspections can identify corrosion, leaks, structural concerns, and other potential problems before they escalate, preventing costly damages and accidents.

2. Compliance with regulations: By conducting regular inspections, businesses can remain compliant with industry and government regulations, avoiding fines and penalties.

3. Maintenance optimisation: Appropriate monitoring enables businesses to optimise their maintenance schedule, minimising service disruptions and reducing operational costs.

4. Extension of tank life: Identifying and addressing issues in a timely manner can prolong the lifespan of your storage tank, making it a worthwhile investment in the long term.

Inspection Methods for ASTs

Various inspection methods are available to help businesses monitor the health of their ASTs. Each method tackles specific elements and problems, so it is crucial to use a combination of approaches for a comprehensive analysis:

1. Visual inspection: A fundamental and cost-effective method, visual inspections involve thoroughly examining the tank exterior and interior for any signs of damage or corrosion. This method requires expertise in recognising warning signs and potential issues.

2. Ultrasonic testing (UT): UT uses high-frequency sound waves to measure the thickness of the tank walls, identifying areas of corrosion or loss of material. This non-destructive approach is particularly useful for detecting issues in hard-to-reach areas.

3. Radiographic testing (RT): By emitting X-rays or gamma-rays, RT can create an image of the tank’s interior to detect corrosion, cracks, or other defects. This method is particularly valuable for inspecting welds and seams.

4. Magnetic particle testing (MT): With the aid of a magnetic field, MT exposes surface or near-surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials, such as breaks, cracks, or other flaws, ensuring the tank’s structural integrity.

Regulatory Requirements and Compliance

Compliance with industry and government regulations is a significant consideration for businesses utilising ASTs. Regulatory requirements for inspections may vary depending on the industry and location, but some common expectations include:

1. Inspection frequency: Regulations outline how often inspections should be performed, which depends on factors such as the tank’s age, materials stored, and previous maintenance history.

2. Professional oversight: Inspections may need to be carried out by certified professionals or under the guidance of engineering experts, ensuring accurate assessments.

3. Record-keeping: Companies are often required to maintain records of their tank inspections, demonstrating their adherence to regulatory stipulations and proof of ongoing maintenance.

4. Corrective actions and reporting: If flaws are identified during an inspection, businesses may be required to carry out corrective measures within a specified timeframe and report their actions to the relevant regulatory agency.

Partnering with ATM Tanks for Expert Inspections

Partnering with a professional tank maintenance provider like ATM Tanks can deliver several benefits for businesses seeking to fulfil their monitoring and inspection commitments:

1. Expert knowledge: ATM Tanks’ professionals possess the skill and experience necessary to conduct comprehensive inspections using state-of-the-art technologies, resulting in accurate and reliable assessments.

2. Regulatory guidance: ATM Tanks can offer insights on industry-specific regulations and guidelines, helping businesses remain compliant while optimising their inspection strategies.

3. Customised solutions: As experts in tank design, installation, repairs, and maintenance, ATM Tanks can provide tailored recommendations and services to address an array of inspection and maintenance needs.

4. Post-inspection support: Should an inspection reveal any issues, ATM Tanks can assist in repairs and maintenance, ensuring your tank remains in optimal condition and problem-free.


For businesses relying on above-ground storage tanks, regular monitoring and inspections are pivotal elements in prolonging tank lifespan and ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance. By utilising a combination of inspection methods and staying informed of regulations, businesses can adeptly manage their ASTs and safeguard their operations. By partnering with ATM Tanks, businesses can leverage the expertise of a professional tank maintenance provider, who can facilitate thorough inspections, provide regulatory guidance, and offer tailored solutions for the ongoing care of their ASTs, leading to a safer, more efficient, and more compliant storage solution.

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