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Industries such as government, energy, and mining are increasingly focused on implementing eco-friendly practices to minimise their environmental impact. One key area where a more sustainable approach can be adopted is the management of above ground storage tanks. 

ATM Tanks, a leader in tank design, installation, repairs, and maintenance across Australia and the Pacific, is committed to helping clients achieve greener, more efficient storage practices by offering environmentally-friendly solutions. In this blog article, we’ll explore various eco-conscious approaches for above ground storage tanks that reduce environmental impact and promote cost savings and long-lasting performance.

Innovative Materials and Coatings

Reducing Corrosion

Corrosion-resistant materials and coatings, such as stainless steel or glass-fused-to-steel tanks, can significantly reduce the risk of corrosion and extend the life of your storage tanks. By avoiding the need for frequent tank replacement or repair, businesses can save resources and lower their environmental footprint.

Environmentally-Friendly Coatings

Choosing tank coatings that are environmentally friendly yet durable and performance-driven can help minimise the negative environmental impact associated with conventional coatings. For example, water-based coatings that emit fewer harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are now available and offer a greener alternative.

Energy-Efficient Tank Management


Proper tank insulation can help to reduce energy consumption, especially in applications where stored materials must be maintained at specific temperatures. By minimising heat loss, energy-efficient insulation can significantly reduce energy costs while benefiting the environment.

Solar-Powered Solutions

Incorporating solar-powered solutions for managing and maintaining your storage tanks can provide an additional eco-friendly approach to energy efficiency. For instance, solar-powered monitoring systems or heat exchangers can help reduce a tank’s dependency on fossil fuel-generated electricity.

Water Conservation Measures

Rainwater Harvesting

Installing rainwater harvesting systems with storage tanks can help businesses make the most of natural resources and reduce their reliance on municipal water supplies. Collected rainwater can be stored in above ground tanks and used for various purposes, such as site maintenance, irrigation, or even potable water if properly treated.

Water Recycling And Reuse

Implementing water recycling and reuse systems within your storage tank operations can significantly reduce water consumption. Businesses can achieve considerable savings and support water conservation efforts by treating and reusing water for specific applications.

Leak Detection And Prevention

Regular Inspections

Performing routine inspections and maintenance of storage tanks is essential to identify any leaks, cracks, or corrosion that may lead to significant environmental or safety issues. By addressing potential problems before they escalate, businesses can mitigate their environmental impact and avoid costly fines associated with environmental pollution.

Leak Detection Technology

Incorporating advanced leak detection technology into your above ground storage tank operations can help identify leaks earlier, allowing for prompt action and reducing the likelihood of contamination. Modern leak detection systems, such as acoustic or fibre optic sensors, can protect the environment by detecting even minor leaks.

Eco-friendly Tank Liners

Material Selection

When choosing tank liners, it’s essential to consider materials that are not only performance-driven but also environmentally friendly. Options such as EPDM or TPO liners can effectively resist chemicals and UV exposure while being free from hazardous substances like heavy metals or phthalates.


Opting for recyclable tank liners contributes to reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. By selecting materials that can be repurposed or reprocessed, businesses can minimise their environmental impact in the long term.


Incorporating environmentally-friendly solutions into your above ground storage tank operations can help your Australian business achieve sustainability-focused objectives and financial benefits. By focusing on measures such as energy efficiency, water conservation, and innovative leak detection techniques, businesses can optimise their storage tank management while minimising their environmental footprint. 

Are you looking to implement environmentally-friendly solutions for your above ground storage tanks? We can help you incorporate sustainable practices into your storage tank management, ensuring the perfect balance between environmental responsibility and operational efficiency. Get in touch with the expert team at ATM Tanks today if you need tank liners and other solutions! 

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