brisbane tank repairs

When it comes to your industrial water tanks, you should feel confident in any repairs and services. From routine cleanings and maintenance to emergency repairs, you should feel confident that the service is being done to a quality standard and at an affordable cost. For tank repairs in Brisbane, you can call ATM Tanks to provide the long lasting, quality service you can rely on.

When using ATM Tanks Group for your Brisbane tank repairs, you will have that confidence. With over 160 years of experience between our team members here at ATM, we have the knowledge and foundation to provide a service you can rely on every time. Not only will you feel good about the initial service or repair, but you will feel good about the long-lasting efficiency, too.

All work by ATM is completed to meet the standards set by both the government, as well as our customers. Meeting government standards on all of our Brisbane tank repairs means it can be covered by insurance. Our warranty ensures quality results with lasting efficiency, covering more than the basic services performed. Tanks which have recently been repaired or updated can be covered under ATM’s warranty, as well. Even if your tank already has corrosion, it may still fall under the warranty.

ATM’s optimised cleaning process utilises licensed divers, so the amount of water displaced throughout the process is kept to a minimum. Minimised water spillage means a more efficient cleanup and being able to get back to use more quickly. Having a tank that’s out of commission for any reason can be a problem, so ATM is mindful to keep the process as short as possible while still providing top quality service which we pride ourselves on.

The most common tank repair projects we encounter are:

  • Bottom replacements
  • Roof plate repair and replacements
  • Shell patches and replacements
  • Floating roof seal replacements
  • Pit welding of corroded areas

ATM also utilises ROV cameras during tank inspections to ensure our quality that much more and to allow you to see what’s going on first hand. We want you to feel involved and confident throughout the process, especially when it comes to tanks with special requirements. ATM is dedicated to serving you to our highest potential, as is reflected in our affordable pricing too.

ATM Tanks Group is dedicated to providing the best industrial tank repair in Brisbane, as well as peace of mind. We understand that regular maintenance is required to keep your tanks at 100% efficiency. Our qualified and experienced team, coupled with our years of experience on hundreds of projects, will provide you the service you can count on with a warranty that truly covers.

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