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ATM Tank Liners In Sydney - Industrial Solutions For Long Lasting Benefits

ATM Tanks Group solutions have become the current industry standard for clients looking to acquire long lasting, 100% safe and prevailing results. Not only does the company provide its customers with a comprehensive warranty, but it also caters to their needs by offering a wide variety of solutions when it comes to industrial or commercial tank liners in Sydney.

For instance, it is a known fact that dam liners, HDPE liners, pond liners etc don’t have a long life when installed or repaired by an average run-of-the-mill company. What usually happens is that the entire structure, or one particular aspect starts showing signs of depreciation after first year of regular storage/ usage.

However the ATM Tanks Group liner team has deployed a series of solutions and installation process to maintain the reputation of such industrial water tanks at a pristine level. In many cases, the standard dam or pond liner carries a maximum of 2mm thickness. On the other hand, tank liners are created using PVC or polypropylene lining.

ATM’s spray-on-rubber for extended waterproofing:

Here, it would be highly important to mention the company’s spray-on-rubber solutions, specifically meant for clients in need of revolutionised waterproofing. The minimal surface area and preparation is correlated to an affordable budget range. The spray-on-rubber package can be delivered within a week’s time period.

Depending on the size of the water storage container or tank, there are no signs of leakage even when over filling occurs. This solution has been known to work regardless of climatic changes on a wide variety of tanks. As a matter of fact, the spray-on-rubber has been known for being better than polyuria, epoxies, PVC liners, HDPE liners, or high chemical content based containers.

Still, it would be better to contact ATM service providers for a site inspection. If a tank is already installed, or a similar set-up is already on site, the company’s experts will be able to give accurate suggestions as to how you can be served with best solutions. The spray applied rubber has more application than mere waterproofing; its corrosion resistant coating renders many purposes in projects involving structural steel.

ATM’s best known tank liners:

Tank liner solutions in Sydney are based on HDPE liners, LDPE liners and PVC liners. It is not necessary that one client’s package, no matter how convenient is sounds, is meant to suit all other clients. Given the environmental hazards, climatic changes or any other calamities, ATM suggests personalised packages with cost quotes that suit an individual’s buying prowess.

Usually, the installation process goes smooth as far as an average company’s installation team is concerned. They run up the bill after 5 years because maintenance and tank failure cases are so many out there. There are design faults, poor material usage, and such other elements lead up to tons of complaints and poor tank liner reputation.

ATM, on the other hand, is a premium supplier and installation expert when it comes to any category of tank liners. As already discussed earlier in this article, the tank liner categories consist, but are not limited to: Aeon PTS Liners, PVC Liners, Butyl Rubber Liners, EPDM, LDPE Liners and HDPE Liners etc.

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What is the difference between spray on liners and bladder liners?

A normal tank liner, or bladder liner, is somewhat different than spray-on liner. Each category has its own pros and cons, which makes them either perfect or imperfect from long term benefits point of view. Bladder liner has a series of evenly laid fabric lining. This lining is inserted inside the tank to provide a protection barrier between the actual tank surface and the liquid that is being stored in the tank.

The bladder lining is installed after taking the size and dimension of the tank into account. It means that upon ordering or installation request, the bladder liner fabric is created as per the needs of the clients. It does not come as a one-size-fits-all package.

Likewise, spray-on liners have protective film coating which serves the same purpose of protecting the surface of tank from direct liquid impact. In conclusion, the spray-on solution is better because it avoids corrosion and has better application.

The experts at ATM Tanks Group will answer your questions regarding installing or repairing your tank liners in Sydney such as:

  • Tank liner quotes
  • Tank liner types and what suits your tanks best
  • Supply and installation of tank liners in a specific time frame
  • Accurate suggestions based on 20 years of on-site experience throughout various parts of Australia
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