No matter how your tank is made, it is going to wear and tear over the years. Despite maintenance, metals, and other materials corrode, and you need to call experts to repair your tank. ATM Tanks is your primary option for this. We specialise in tank repairs on the Gold Coast and every other major city in Australia. But why choose us? Read on to find out.

Advanced Robotics

We have been in the tank industry for more than ten years. Despite that tenure, we do not rest our laurels. We keep up with technology to ensure that we have the most sophisticated services and processes. At ATM Tanks, we use remotely controlled vehicles, which is commonly referred to as ROVs. Our robots are so high-tech that they can do the following:

  • Clean tanks
  • Inspect the inside of the tank
  • Measure your tank’s temperature
  • Gather materials and measure chemical content
  • Make basic tank repairs

Our robots are equipped with powerful sensors that can send back data to us. They work fast, and they eliminate the hazard of sending someone inside the tank. We invested a lot of money on our robotics—they are top of the line, and they help save lives. Apart from that, they also work great to prevent contamination of your goods. Also, on some occasions, we no longer have to drain your tank. We just send the robot in to do the repair.

Fabrication of Tanks and Parts

As tank experts, we do not outsource our tank fabrication. We do the fabrication and the construction ourselves. Our process is entirely in-house, so you have the guarantee of quality. When we do tank repairs on the Gold Coast, we ensure that we fabricate it according to the specification. This is crucial for repairs—we want to make sure that after the repairs, your tank is in top condition, and that it works better than it was. Since we did the assessment, we know what material to use, what size, and how to install it. Our fabrication is world-class, and we know how to repair the inside and the outside parts of any tank.

Choice of Materials

Speaking of materials, we have a lot of materials you can choose from. As tank experts, we know that there are various types of liquid and solid items that you store in there. We have resident experts who can make suggestions as to what materials work best with what you store. We do not only have material options for the tank, but we also have materials for the liner.

Here are some of the options:

  • Epoxy
  • PVC
  • Liquid rubber
  • Metal and stainless steel
  • Polyethylene or polyurethane

We have more, and you will see the complete list once you give us a call. As you can see, we do not just do repairs. We care about the liners and materials we use so we can give you a long-lasting tank.

Summary: Tank Repairs on the Gold Coast

If you need tank repairs on the Gold Coast, you need to give us a call now on 1800 422 444. In less than 24 hours, one of our resident experts will contact you to get the details of the problem. If an ocular inspection is needed, we will send an expert to further assess the situation, and we will also give a quotation.

We do not charge for project quotations. After the inspection, we can discuss how the project will go through, and we can decide if we need to fabricate parts or a new tank for you. Once we are good to go, we can complete the job in less than three weeks or sooner. Remember, if you need your tank repaired on the Gold Coast, ATM Tanks is the only name you can trust.

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