Tank Repairs in Perth: How to Choose a Provider

Above-ground tanks suffer from harsh weather conditions, especially in Perth where we have both dry and wet seasons. Over time, the tanks get rusty, and these panel tanks will certainly need repairs. If you don’t repair your tank quickly, the rust is going to spread and destroy your tank, making you spend more money over time. ATM Tanks is prepared to provide you tank repairs in Perth. We know that choosing a storage tank repair company takes more than just selecting one randomly. Surely, you want the best possible quality at the most convenient price.

Why choose ATM Tank Group?

Over the years, we have serviced hundreds of clients, repaired hundreds more tanks, and manufactured them too, right across Australia & the Pacific. We know what works, and we know what materials are best suited for each solid or liquid raw material stored in the tank. Let’s walk you through our services, and help you understand why ATM Tank Group is your best choice when it comes to tank repairs in Perth.

Fabrication and Construction

At ATM Tank Group, we fabricate the tank and the liners in our facilities. We need to do this to ensure that the end product is of unparalleled quality. When we do tank repairs in Perth, we first assess the tank’s current condition, and whether the areas that need repair are on the inside or the outside. Once our assessment is complete, we would give you a quotation for the project cost. This quotation includes details about what we are going to do, what you can expect from the finished repair or product, and a warranty of our work.

Material Selection

At ATM Tank Group, we use all the best materials suited for your purpose. Storage tanks primarily used for water must have different liners from those that store chemicals. Repairs that we do are based also on the existing material that your tank is made of. Is the liner made of epoxy? With over a decade of experience, we have a vast selection of raw materials that you can choose from for tank repairs. Below are some examples:

  • PVC
  • Metal
  • Cement
  • Liquid rubber
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyurethane

There is so much more than we can list here. But as you can see, we do not just repair your tanks, but we also use the right materials to make the repair last.

Robotic Repair and Inspection

Sometimes, tank repairs in Perth can be dangerous, especially so if the job requires a diver. Good thing is that we no longer need human divers because we at ATM Tank Group use remotely operated vehicles or ROVs. These ROVs can swim inside your tank, inspect the tank, do the cleaning, and even do minor repairs. The robots are also equipped to measure temperature, and do readings if the content of your tanks has metals or radiation.

We have invested heavily on these ROVs because they are safe and reliable. With these robots, we are not endangering the lives of our employees. They are also the best alternatives because they can work really fast and provide objective readings of your tank’s contents.


ATM Tank Group is the premier solutions-provider to tank problems. We do not just do tank repairs in Perth, but we also create new ones. In as short as three weeks, we can deliver to you a brand new tanks, or repair your existing tank in as short as seven days.

Schedule a call with us, and we will send over our experts for an ocular inspection. Within 24 hours, you can expect a quotation form us. We can start working right away, as we know that your tank is of utmost important to your business.

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