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A typical tank liner provides a protective barrier that lines the inside walls of a tank. Many people do not realise that there is such a thing because most tanks inside homes do not use liners, hence why they rust pretty quickly.  Let me try and shed some more light with you about tank liners. By the end of this short tutorial, you should learn what tank liners are and why tank liners on the Gold Coast are a necessity.

Why do you need tank liners?

The main purpose of a tank liner is to protect the liquid inside the tank. What it means is that you do not want the liquid to come in contact with the metal of the tank.  Here are the other reasons why you need tank liners on the Gold Coast.

  • Permeability – a lot of tanks today are either made of concrete or metal. As such, the liquid is likely to corrode the metal or seep through the concrete. The problem with concrete is that they have really little small holes that suck the liquid in. If this happens, the holes will turn into leaks.


  • Chemicals – manufacturing plants use tanks to store liquids. The problem is that you cannot just store different liquid chemicals in ordinary metal tanks. You need special liners made of special materials to maintain the integrity of the liquid. If the liquid gets contaminated, they end up being wasted.


  • Weather – tanks are usually placed outside the house. They get beaten and battered by the sun, rain, and snow. If these tanks do not have liners, the weather condition outside can have an adverse effect in the liquid inside it.

You need tank liners on the Gold Coast to ensure that the elements do not come in direct contact with your liquid. The substance inside your tank is a precious commodity, so you have to protect it.  On the other hand, you also need a liner even if you are merely storing water. Why? To protect your metal tank from corrosion.

What are the main types of liners?

There are many types of lines to choose from, and we will explain a little bit about the most common ones below.

  • Polyurethane– this is the most common tank liner out there because it is a highly flexible material. It is primarily made of rubber, and it is usually bonded with the steel.


  • Cementitious Liners– as the term implies, this is a hard substance. It is a combination of epoxy materials and other polymers. Most of the time, you use a cementitious lining for concrete tanks. They harden, and they prevent the liquid from seeping into the concrete.


  • Vinyl Ester– these liners are made from vinyl. Their main purpose is to prevent chemical contamination. As such, they are usually made available to manufacturing companies. They are also great at maintaining an ideal temperature for the liquid inside the tank.


There are many more types of liners like Novolac, Phenolic and Epoxy, but these are the most common. For home use, the most common is a cementitious liner, especially of the tank itself is made of concrete.


At ATM Tanks we are experts in tank fabrication and tank liners. We have been in this business for over a decade; we have a team comprised of experts who have a cumulative of experience of more than 100 years. Whether your tank is for home or commercial use, you need a tank liner. Call us today on 1800 422 444 and we will attend to your needs right away. We can also do an ocular inspection and then make recommendations for the best tank liners for your home or business needs.

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