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Tank Liners in Melbourne: Do You Need To Repair or Replace?

When do you need a tank liner, or when do you need it repaired? No two tanks are the same because your storage needs differ from other businesses. If you think about it, the lining used by giant companies like Coca-Cola differ from the tank liners used by Kellog’s. Chemical is the primary culprit here. They react different with metal, and this is why a lining is used. The lining serves as a barrier between the tank’s material and the product that is stored. If you are in the manufacturing industry, you certainly have to use storage tanks. The ultimate question is, do you really need a new tank liners in Melbourne one or you simply need a repair?

When To Have A Liner Repaired In Melbourne

A tank liner repair in Melbourne is highly recommended if the problem is small. Usually, the liners can be repaired if there is a small leak or a small area that is corroded. The cost of the repair is going to vary from one tank to another. Apart from the size of the tank, its location is also important. It is more difficult to fix an underground tank than an above-ground tank. In addition to that, the repair method is also going to affect the cost and project timeline. In some cases, the fastest route is to coat the inside with fibreglass reinforced plastic, which is commonly called FRP. If this material develops a leak, it takes only a simple patching job to get the tank to work again. In worse cases, the inside has to be scraped, dried, primed, and then finally repaired. ATM Tank Group can provide a specific quote if we see the problem, so give us a call if your liner needs some maintenance.

When To Buy A New Tank Liner In Melbourne

You need to buy a new tank liner in Melbourne if your tank liner is corroded, or if it has a massive number of leakage points. It would be costly to repair the liner in cases like this, and it makes much more financial sense to replace it with a new one. During the replacement process, you can also choose a better material that can withstand the chemical processes inside it. The longevity of the tank liner in Melbourne depends on what you are storing in there. For example, crude oil is aggressive and they need to be managed carefully. These tanks contain additives, water, and bacteria that reduce sulphate. As a solution, the most common liners used are epoxy products.

As you can see, chemical tanks are much more sensitive than water tanks. They need tank liners that have high integrity, and these liners should be made with materials that will not create any chemical imbalance. Water liners, however, are simpler. But just because water is water does not mean any liner would do. If the stored water will be used for food, then the liner must be able to ward off any contamination. The water has to be checked for its quality and the liner must have the right properties to stand against the damaging properties of water—like if it has high or low acidity.


Work only with qualified tank service professionals. We at ATM Tanks Group have over 15 years of expertise in a wide gamut of tanks and liners. We understand how different liner materials work, and how long they would last in consideration of the products you store. At ATM Tanks Group, we will not only repair your tanks or replace your tank liners, we can also recommend which liner materials to use. This recommendation is based on the expertise of our personnel who have a cumulative experience of more than 100 years in the industry.

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