Tanks, no matter what they are used for, need regular scheduled cleaning. Without a regular maintenance schedule, you would be surprised to find your tanks degrading overtime, and you will spend more money in either repairing them or replacing them. It is always best that you call a professional who understands how tanks work, and you can count on ATM Tanks for that. ATM Tanks is the company you need for tank cleaning in Brisbane because we use Remotely Operated Vehicles to do it—especially so if your tanks are huge. But why use this service?

Safety for Personnel

Our primary concern when cleaning huge tanks is the safety of our employees. There have been recorded instances in the past from other tank cleaning companies of people drowning while cleaning huge tanks. We do not want this to happen to anyone. As such, we have included remotely operated vehicles that we can drop inside of your tank to the inspection, repair, and cleaning. We no longer need to send a person inside the tank as our robots can do the same job, even if there is water inside your tank.

Multi-Functional ROVs

Our ROVs can perform several duties. Apart from tank cleaning in Brisbane, they can also take photos and videos of the situation inside the tank. This is helpful if you want to see the condition of the tank from the inside. Our robots have not just one, but several cameras equipped in their arms and legs. The cameras have high-resolution capability, which allows us to see whether the tank lining from the inside has damage. As such, we can make an informed decision as to whether there is a need to repair it or not. Our robots also have the capability to gather samples. If your tank stores chemicals, we can take samples from different areas of the tank. Your chemical engineers can then assess if there is a significant difference in the water based on which areas of the tank they were taken.

Multiple Tank Services

Over the last decade, ATM Tanks has evolved. We do not just clean tanks. We also repair them. Our robots can spot which areas of your tank from the inside are damaged. From this assessment, we can analyze the tank’s condition, and then give you a reasonable quotation if the tank needs repair. Apart from cleaning, we can replace the tank liner is this is what is needed to be done to put your tank in good shape. We also repair external areas of the tank, especially if the tanks are leaking or if signs of corrosion are already visible.

Robotic Inspection

At ATM Tanks, we use robots that can perform 100% health check inside your tanks. As mentioned earlier, our robots have cameras. We can direct the robot’s movement and what it does. It can clean the floor, the lining, gather water samples, and even take samples of debris from your tank if there is any. Our robots can work inside your tank for hours, with no requirement for a human to dive in. They are sanitised so your precious commodity inside is protected.


We at ATM Tanks are composed of reliable personnel. We have been in this business of tank cleaning in Brisbane for over a decade, and we have the expertise required to get the job done. Our ROV robots are a substantial addition to our services. They are a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety and quality. With robots, we can perform tank cleaning services without compromising the lives of our personnel—plus we can do it at the shortest amount of time.

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