ATM Tanks have now extended our service to Australia’s federal capital, Canberra! ATM Tanks is an Australian company composed of tank experts specialising in tank cleaning, building, repairs, and modifications. With more or less than 400,000 people living in Canberra, a lot of households and buildings use water tanks for convenience. However, it may not be the healthiest option if the tanks are not maintained and kept under constant inspections. This is why ATM Tanks is here. It is our goal to ensure that each and every water tank is taken care of to avoid future health risks and dangers. Today, we are going to show you why we are your best choice in tank-related needs.

Tank Maintenance

At ATM Tanks, we do not just prioritise one service. We offer cleaning, component replacements, and tank building. We thoroughly inspect each tank before carrying on with the service to ensure that we can give the highest quality we can give. When it comes to tank cleaning services, you can choose from two options. First, we can drain the water from the tank and then go on to cleaning it, or we can opt to not drain the water and use commercial divers to save both resources and time.

We also check the tank before cleaning to check for parts that are in need of repair or replacement. This is to ensure that no components will fail during the cleaning process. We will report to you if we found flaws during the inspection. In addition, we can also build a whole new tank if ever the current one is found defective. Furthermore, our team is also available for scheduled ocular inspections if you want to know if something needs to be done to your water tanks.

Tank Liners

After conducting maintenance services, we do not just let the tank be. We guarantee our clients with warranties by also installing liners to keep the tank waterproof and free from leaks. What makes our service different from others is that we are able to use spray on rubbers which are more flexible and portable compared to ordinary liners. This also requires minimal time for preparation and installation. Spray on rubber is also effective for acting as coats for corrosion control.

If you do not prefer this, we still offer the traditional liners which are the LDPE, HDPE, and PVC Liners. They are also compatible with tanks, ponds and dams and are less costly but is still effective for waterproofing solutions.

New Tanks and Refurbishments

As we have stated, ATM Tanks can also build a whole new tank for you. Our experienced staffs will assess and design a water tank that will fit your requirements and budget. We offer three main types of panel, industrial, round, and square to fully visualise what you have in mind. For part modifications and replacements, on the other hand, we can replace roofs, and liquid rubbers to name some. You can tell us what faults you are finding in your tank and we will be glad to discuss the matter with you. Transparency is very important in our company so expect that weekly updates will be reported to you by our team regarding the project’s progress. Also, in every project, we conduct quality and environmental control to ensure that no natural resources will be damaged during the project’s duration.


We have been in the industry for more or less than 20 years and have offered our services in a lot of cities. Our team is also equipped with experts and professionals, so you don’t have to worry about our abilities. Once you choose ATM Tanks, we are more than ready to be your beck and call. You can contact us on 1800 422 444 or enquire online if you have any inquiries or consultations. You can also ask us to conduct an ocular inspection.

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