Sydney is a highly-populated area and a top tier city. With a population of five million people, it is only a matter of time before a fire breaks out. The majority of buildings in the city will have fire tanks installed in their structures, the one risk that they face is whether the fire tank will work or not. This is the very reason why regular fire tank inspections in Sydney are as equally important as building a fire water tank. But how do you choose a reliable fire tank inspector? That is what we will talk about today. We at ATM Tanks have been in the tank business for more than a decade. We will give you some tips how to choose the right company who will do your fire tank inspections in Sydney.

Choose based on experience

Experience is the best teacher. Choose a company that has been in the tank business for a long while. As you can see, a tank is more than just about welding metals together to form a storage unit. It does have a lot to do with what materials or linings should be used to protect the tank and the liquid inside it. Fire tanks are mostly made of metal or concrete. The issue with metal is that it corrodes, and this will eventually lead to a bigger problem. For fire tank inspections in Sydney, you have to choose a company who knows how to spit weaknesses around your tank-from the inside and the outside. The last thing you want is a leaking tank that you cannot use to its full potential during an emergency.

Choose based on credentials

A tank company must have the appropriate credentials from the government. The owners or the leaders of the business should have the appropriate education. The employees must also be certified because they are the ones who install the tanks. Tanks will not work if the pressure gauges are not installed correctly. The tank itself can rupture if it cannot handle the pressure. One should not underestimate the power of water. If the pressure gets strong enough, it can disengage the metal rivets and cause flooding. Choose only professional tank builders and inspectors who are licensed and certified to do the job. One thing you can ask for on top of certification is warranty. Tank companies who believe in the quality of their work should be able to provide you with reasonable warranty period.

Choose based on customer feedback

The internet is a godsend—it makes it easier to research about companies, their products and services, and how well they do according to their commitments. To choose the right company to do your fire tank inspections in Sydney, ask people you know if they have worked with the company you are eyeing. If not, use the internet. There are many review forums out there. Use the community to ask around. What you want to focus on are the negative reviews. You see, positive reviews can be faked. What you want is the real deal. If the negative review tells something that you can live with, like a simple delay, then you can make a decision out of that. But if the review indicates bad quality, then you know you should stay away.


Choose the right company to do your fire tank inspections in Sydney. A fire is a hazard that you want to be dealt with. Your sprinklers may not work if the tank lacks the appropriate pressure, so make sure you hire a company that can check all these. At the end of the day, the inspector must be able to tell you if your fire tank is going to work, or what repairs are necessary to make it work without fail.

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