Whether it is the ocean or a big panel tank, consistent inspections are required to determine if there are underlying problems. However, the use of humans is either too expensive or dangerous, and this is what made engineers design what is called a remotely operated vehicle or ROV. These are robots controlled by a human being—much like a drone that it is used in the military, albeit for underwater situations. At ATM Tanks we perform ROV inspections in Sydney. But why and what are the merits of doing this? Today, we will let you know why ATM Tanks is your premier choice for ROV inspections.

ROV’s can spend hours in tanks

Since these are robots, they can stay underwater inside your tanks for hours. Unlike humans, they do not get tired—they only run out of batteries, which we can charge or replace. The beauty of our ROV inspection in Sydney that we do is that you no longer have to drain the liquid from your tank. Can you imagine if you had to do that? You would need a second tank to make it happen. Because the ROV can spend hours inside the tank, we can explore your big tank and then identify the issues. And once we have identified the issues, we can start fixing them, too. The ROV can clean the tank from the inside, do repairs, and take samples.

ROV’s are multi-functional

The robots that we use at ATM Tanks for ROV inspections in Sydney are top-grade. They are the best in the industry, and they are capable of doing many things. Here are some of the services that our Remotely Operated Vehicle robots can do:

Sampling and analysis – out machines can take samples of the content of your tank and analyse its chemical components. It can analyse the liquid for the presence of cobalt, nickel, and other elements. It can also check for traces of radiation.

Videos – our robots are equipped with a camera. They can take videos and images so you can see what is going inside your tank. We can easily determine weak spots, corroded spots, and any area that need tank repairs.

Leak detection – our ROVs can spot areas that have leaks. This will help us confirm what we see on the outside. If we know the exact location of the tank’s leak, we can repair it without wasting time.

As you can see, our ROVs are not just robots that move—they are fully functional. They can do a lot of things that people can but at a faster rate. They are also less risky as they do not contaminate your valuable assets.

Summary: ROV Inspections in Sydney

Why should you get an ROV service? And why choose ATM Tanks? ROV inspections are modern, and it can do what humans can at a better pace. They can repair your tank, take samples, and do inspection. At ATM Tanks have been in this business for so long—more than a decade. We have many employees whose tenure in the industry sum up above 100 years. ATM Tanks is the premier choice for an ROV inspection in Sydney. We know our stuff, and we offer guarantees that no one else does. All it takes is to give us a callon 1800 422 444, and we can talk about your problems. If needed, we will certainly do an ocular inspection and visit your tank. Once our assessment is over, we will give you a free quotation about the project cost, and we can complete it in as short as seven days. As the best tank repair service and manufactures in Australia, we guarantee our job with warranty—a warranty that you will not be able to find at another company.

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