Technology has paved the way for humans to create sophisticated robots and replace some things that we can do. Robots are faster, more accurate, and they can take the risks that humans would have not otherwise taken. At ATM Tanks, we are always in tune with advancements made in technology, and this is why we now use robots for our ROV inspections on the Gold Coast. Today, we’ll give you several reasons why you should choose ATM Tanks for your next ROV inspection on the Gold Coast.

Less Risky

Robots are less risky because they do not drown. In many tank inspections, we cannot remove or drain the liquid, unless if it is just water. For many companies that house chemicals, the only way to repair tanks from the inside is by sending a human to swim in there. Humans can drown, and they can get affected by the chemicals. Chemicals can also get contaminated by a human. But now that the Remotely Operated Vehicle is available, we can now do ROV inspections on the Gold Coast without these risks. Our robots can do the work for hours while our trained techs are controlling it from the outside. Whether you are operating a dam/reservoir a chemical tank, our ROV’s are up for it.

Lower Costs

Human labour is expensive. You have to pay an employee or service personnel by the hour. If you have a huge tank, this service can cost a lot of money. But what if you can use a robot to actually do the job, and a human being who merely controls it? This combination of man and machine is guaranteed to save you a fortune.

For example, our ROV’s can do readings of your liquid tank content right there and then. Unlike ordinary tank inspections, you do not have to take the sample to a laboratory for analysis. Our robots are capable of analysing elements in your liquid. As you can see, you do not need to involve other people to get the job done. You will immediately get results as our ROV gets samples from your tank or do minor repairs.

Multiple Functions

When we do ROV inspections on the Gold Coast, we will use our robots that can multi task. As such, we can provide more services at one go or one dive. Here are some of the things our robots can do:

Data gathering – our robots can take images and videos. They are completely water-resistant. Since it is operated by a human being, you can even see the live feed of the video from a monitor.

Sampling – our robots have arms, which they use to get samples of the liquid inside the tank, which you can analyse later.

Our ROV’s can do a lot of things during its dive. You get twice the result than if you use a human being to get things done. Our robots can also do minor repairs, spot leaks and their sources, and also do radiographic testing of your tank condition, or if there are bad elements present in your liquid.


After more than a decade, there is no problem that we cannot fix. We at ATM Tanks are comprised of tank experts—we have a balanced team of engineers and robots that can do the job. Once we have made an agreement, we can fix your tank, do repairs, or take samples for chemical analysis in as little as seven days. Whether you want inspections or repairs, ATM Tanks is the company to call. We will do an ocular inspection of your tank premises, assess the situation and the problem, and then give you a free quotation.

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