Even though fire accidents are a rare occurrence, they are a possibility. If you are a Perth resident, you are among the 1.9 million inhabitants of this city. Experiencing a fire would be a disaster for you, and it would be worse if you had an inefficient fire tank. At ATM Tanks, we are your ideal solution for fire tank inspections in Perth and fire tank maintenance. We not only build tanks but repair them as well, and undertake maintenance services often to facilitate their functionality. Why should you choose us?

We provide regular maintenance service.

The majority of individuals believe that the only time a tank should be repaired is when it has corrosion. ATM Tanks has a different opinion. A fire tank structure consists of a series of valves, pumps, hoses, and tubes. These items are linked to your sprinkler system, and it will not operate if one of them breaks down. Even if they work, they will not be fully functional. The motors and pumps in the fire tank system also require maintenance. However, how can you tell how effective they are, yet fire breakout is rare? You may have scheduled fire drills regularly, but you do not utilise your fire tank system during these drills.

We offer regular maintenance service, which is the answer. We carry out fire tank inspections in Perth regularly and on time. The schedule we will recommend is determined by how big your tank is and the coverage area. Also, to offer you a reasonable inspection services period, we need to comprehend the fire suppression system’s complexity.

We provide tank maintenance and repair.

Fire tanks are mainly fixed on rooftops. Due to this, they experience harsh environmental conditions. When it’s raining, they become wet, and when it’s sunny, they dry up. Corrosion occurs because of these weather variations. With time, corrosion results in rust, and this makes the metal break down. The tank will begin leaking and, an empty tank is not suitable for you during a fire. The leak can expand as well, and you will incur a considerable water bill if the tank continuously tries to fill itself. If there is a massive hole in the tank, you may also have some flooding.  The water inside the tank will stream down the apartments leading to massive destruction.

Giving us the chance to handle your fire tank inspections in Perth will enable us to recognise this kind of issue before it escalates easily. After we determine the problem, we effortlessly solve it before it becomes worse. If the problem is a major one, we might have to re-fabricate the entire tank; you do not want this. In general, in the future, you will save more cash if you have fire tank maintenance services regularly than if you do not.


A fire tank is established to assist you in putting out the fire in case it occurs. It is a complicated system that entails much plumbing and a network of tubes. It involves more than this as well. Your water pumps will not function if the wrong pressure is applied or if the tank is misplaced. You should avoid a fire suppression system that breaks down when you most need it. Give us a call today; it will be our pleasure to talk about your requirements! If your situation is urgent, we will immediately send one of our professionals to conduct an ocular inspection. In 24 hours, we will give you our lists of recommendations and quote regarding the service.

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