The force of lightning has had an impact on many lives, leading to death. An electrical strike can lead to significant damage to big and small buildings and their inhabitants. A strike can damage commercial and residential buildings. In the past few years, there have been new solutions with the advancements of technology.

The newest innovation is installing lightning protection Adelaide systems, which protect your property against the danger of electrical strikes. To remove the dangers and hazards of an electrical surge, you should have adequate safety measures.

How buildings experience damage through lightning strikes

Lightning can damage a house in four main ways:

  1. Strike to a power line is the most common way. The electricity moves through the wiring to the home and the connected items inside.
  2. The second common type is a hit to items connected to the home but outside the structure, such as a satellite dish or air conditioning unit. The same effect can take place if lightning strikes the ground. Electricity moves through the soil and reaches the wiring connected to the house wiring.
  3. Thirdly the home can be damaged when an object near it, for instance, a shed, tree, or telephone pole, is hit. Instead of moving through the wires described in 1 & 2 above, the electricity releases an electromagnetic field. The electronics in the house then pick it up, leading to damage.
  4. Lastly, lightning can strike the house directly.

Have frequent lightning protection maintenance.

A lot of people experience serious injuries or die due to lightning strikes. Many properties and precious possessions are damaged, and the property owner and occupants incur a significant loss. To eliminate hazards like these that are dangerous and risky, seek the services of an expert contractor like ATM Tanks to provide you with lightning protection Adelaide systems and lightning protection maintenance regularly.

Hire the ideal firm for electrical surge protection

Many firms exist in Adelaide, such as ATM Tanks who provide a significant variety of electrical surge protection systems. The staff at ATM Tanks consists of a committed team of installers whose training mainly involves the newest practices of installation and maintenance of lightning protection Adelaide systems.

ATM Tanks uses the newest technology and top-notch machinery for the project involving lightning protection Adelaide systems. The technicians at ATM Tanks are skilled and possess expert awareness about lightning protection. The state requires buildings to have these safety systems implemented to protect the structure and its occupants. A firm like ATM Tanks ensures that it carries out a frequent risk assessment of the building to determine how safe it is and design a safety strategy for lightning protection Adelaide systems.

At ATM Tanks, we also follow strict quality standards and guidelines. We specialize in earthing and safety solutions created to reduce the dangers associated with it. They also help you direct the electrical surge away from the building, making it dissipate naturally inside the ground. Therefore, the building and its occupants remain unharmed.

Why is lightning protection useful?

If a property owner does not have lightning protection in Adelaide, they can experience a significant loss in case of a lightning strike. Lightning protection Adelaide systems are necessary for businesses and homes. It would be best to protect every susceptible object from potential lightning strikes using our lightning protection systems. It is not too late for you to protect your building, occupants, and items. Contact a competent firm like ATM tanks to ensure that you take appropriate safety precautions using lightning protection Adelaide systems.


The above are some of the reasons you should invest in lightning protection Adelaide systems. They are a worthy investment to protect your items, and most important of all, your loved ones.

Get in touch with our competent staff at ATM Tanks today for help with your new lightning protection in Adelaide systems!

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