A lightning protection system works to prevent damage to your structure or site that may be caused by a lightning bolt. It stops the strike by directing it safely to the ground. Our lightning protection gold coast systems have a network that consists of different ground electrodes, air terminals, and binding conductors. ATM Tanks skilled engineers design these network features to form a path with low impedance to the ground for any possible strikes. A lightning protection Gold Coast system like this can prevent any strikes from hitting your building. It can stop any fire hazard also. The low impedance path enables the charge to follow its heating capacity, significantly reducing this heat when it flows through a building or structure’s flammable materials.

Why do you need Lightning Protection On The Gold Coast?

A lightning protection Gold Coast system works by transferring the bolt’s energy to the earth, therefore protecting your building. Lightning strikes are one of nature’s most destructive elements. The reason is that one lightning bolt may consist of one billion volts or more. Such lightning can have a temperature of more than 28,00000C. The changing weather patterns have increased these lightning strikes throughout Australia, not just the Gold Coast.

ATM Tanks provides different kinds of systems. Although a simple system is effective if the temperature rises, this system becomes vulnerable. The current flows through all the conductive paths, and divided currents can also cause massive damage.

The secondary side flashes can trigger fires or even blow stone, brick, or concrete structures. This situation can place a building’s occupants under severe risk and can be extremely harmful to a building. So, it would be best if you had a superior quality lightning protection Gold Coast system.

Types of Lightning Protection System

A lightning rod describes a long metallic tip or sharp needle positioned at the top of a structure. At ATM Tanks, we use one or more conductors, mainly copper strips, to earth the rod. The rods we design work as the ‘terminal’ for a lightning discharge.

Conductor Cables

These are several heavy cables arranged around the building evenly. We refer to it sometimes as a ‘Faraday cage.’ The cables run down rooftops and the roof edges, hanging down one or more corners of the structure to the ground rod (s) that move the current to the ground. This kind of lightning protection Gold Coast system can be used for highly exposed buildings or houses and other spaces in the house like computer rooms, which are sensitive installations.

Ground Rods

They are long and thick rods buried deep inside the earth around a protected building. They are mainly made of aluminium or copper and are created to release positive streamers.

Designing an LPS

When designing a lightning protection Gold Coast system at ATM Tanks, we consider the lightning protection system’s inclusion. We ensure that even if the structure suffers a lightning strike, the huge voltage currents will be directed into the lightning protection system before severe damage occurs. We make sure that an LPS is designed to use the building sections to safely carry big current loads and divert energy from the building sections that cannot. We design and install lightning protection Gold Coast system to avoid side flashes between objects.

When the objects’ electrical continuity to a bonding conductor is maintained, any electric potential variations are zeroed, allowing any voltage changes to happen instantaneously. At ATM Tanks, we appreciate that if we fail to design appropriate grounding, a lightning protection Gold Coast system will be ineffective since the energy from the strike will not disperse safely.

To safeguard your building against lightning, give ATM a call today on 1800 422 444 or get a quote online to get your lightning protection system setup!

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