Nowadays, a lightning protection Melbourne system is accessible to anyone who wants to decrease the danger of lightning damage. The modern systems we have at ATM Tanks work the same as the previous techniques. The lightning is interrupted, and the energy safely transfers through rods into the earth; that’s why it’s called ‘grounding.’

If you reside in a structure where there is water nearby or a porous building, you should consider the lightning protection Melbourne systems. When lightning moves in the form of heat, unexpected exposure can cause the water close by or inside to expand into the steam. It leads to an explosion and is the reason lightning strikes frequently destroy moisture-rich trees. A significant example of high-risk buildings in Melbourne is historic structures and wooden barns that lack in-built protection.

Who can install lightning protection Melbourne systems?

Suppose you want a lightning protection Melbourne system that gives you optimum protection; in that case, you need to choose a contractor like ATM Tanks, who is experienced and has the right certification. When you do this, you are assured that our methods are updated and meet the strictest standards. We ensure that the lightning protection Melbourne system will safeguard your structures. Lightning is dangerous, so make sure that you get assistance from experts.

Adverse effects of lightning

In many instances where lightning has led to electrical devices’ failure, the owner is unaware of what led to the damage. The reason is you do not have to get a direct lightning hit to experience lightning effects. Often the lightning hits power cables either above or below ground, feeding excess voltage through the grid. It affects electrical circuits a significant distance away from the strike location. Thus, many people affected by voltage spikes and surges caused by lightning strikes do not know that meteorology is responsible for their electrical systems’ failure.

It becomes worse if these voltage surges happen frequently. They can gradually cause deterioration of electrical systems over a long period. Therefore, when they fail, you may not realize immediately that constant lightning damage has caused massive harm, mostly if they failed in good weather.

Main lightning protection devices

The most popular lightning protection devices for lightning protection Melbourne systems comprise lightning rods on buildings’ roofs. These rods aim to alleviate the possible damage that a direct hit causes on the property. In cases like these, the electrical surge, which possibly carries thousands or millions of volts, quickly moves down outside the structure to the ground underneath. It makes it possible to eliminate the destructive impacts of the voltage surge fast.

Lightning Protection Products

At ATM Tanks, we use several tools to protect your electronic gadgets from indirect or direct lightning strikes. These ‘lightning arresters’ or ‘lightning guards’ give you some distinct benefits:

  • They can help to regulate your mains power to control small power spikes and surges instantly. It helps to keep your television, computer, and other electronic devices safe from minor disturbance.
  • We appreciate that no device can adjust the amount of power experienced in a direct hit. It is why we provide more effective lightning protection products for your lightning protection Melbourne system that includes a second line of defence. These lightning guards can disconnect your electrical devices from the main power network, offering a bulletproof ‘barrier’ between them.
  • Lastly, at ATM Tanks, we offer ideal lightning protection devices that monitor the present flowing through the main and only reconnect electronic devices after the surge has passed and power is stable again.


The lightning protection Melbourne systems that we offer at ATM tanks consist of vital features that ensure your electronic devices are working efficiently despite the state of your electricity supply.

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