Adelaide city is full of life and has a population of 1.3 million. Adelaide is a huge city, and it is a bit crowded. In such a city, accidents are inevitable, particularly fire. In the event of such an occurrence, you need an efficient fire tank and suppression system. ATM Tanks offers the solution to this. We are specialists in fire tank inspections in Adelaide. Today we will tell you why our services are beneficial.

We provide customised fabrication.

All tanks are different. We should fabricate the proper tank size, which is compatible with the size of your building. At ATM Tanks, we offer the correct equipment for the fabrication of tanks. We also build industrial panel tanks for your fire water needs on-site. We will allow you to select the kinds of panels and liners you like; however, you should follow our recommendation before this. We will offer you tips on picking the appropriate materials to ensure that your tank is protected from leakage for an extended period.

We conduct fire tank maintenance regularly.

Installation of the tank and fire suppression system is not the only job involved. You should book fire tank inspections in Adelaide to make sure they are in an adequate working condition. ATM Tanks offers you these services. Apart from inspecting your tanks, we shall also examine the components included like:

  • Pressure valves
  • Gages
  • Hoses
  • Pipes

After the inspection is over, our objective will be to ensure that every aspect is handled and that the fire tank system will function when you require it. We do not wish this to occur, but being prepared is essential.

We provide fast and efficient service.

Our experience spans more than one decade. Our years of experience have given us immense knowledge, and we depend on these experiences to provide you with superior quality services. The ATM Tank group can fabricate a tank in a minimum of three to four weeks and fix it.  If you require repairs, we can handle it in one week or less; the damage determines this. All members of our staff possess the right working certification and license. The ATM Tanks crew boasts years of experience in this sector that surpasses 100 years. We have established a positive reputation among our clients; you are free to make inquiries to confirm this. When we carry out fire tank inspections in Adelaide, our ultimate objective is to ensure that the task was carried out and that your fire tank will function as planned.


The work of a fire tank in a building is to avoid death. It is not ideal for you to identify issues during a fire outbreak. Unfortunately, the reality is that majority of the fire tanks in Adelaide do not go through inspection. Rather than the brave people having a reliable fire tank system, they are forced to wait and depend on firemen’s assistance. We appreciate that Australia has the best firemen; but, we are aware that delay in putting out a fire can lead to death. The sprinkler team is established to eliminate the fire before the firemen arrive but, of what use will this be if the fire tank has broken down? Call ATM Tanks today on 1800 422 444 to avoid this. We shall arrange a visit to inspect your premises. After this, we will give you a quotation indicating the charges of our regular fire tank inspections in Adelaide.

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