There is nothing more important than protecting our children. When lightning strikes a school, it exposes them to harm and even possible death. It can also cause trauma to the parents and children. Apart from the lightning hazards usually faced by all buildings, schools typically have unique risks. Lightning leads to fires, which means evacuation of schools. This can be incredibly hard if the school has different assembly areas like gymnasia and auditoria with spectator seating because of kindergarten, pre-school, and special-needs pupils’ presence.

Communities rely on school structures for shelter after disasters and expect the quick resumption of schools as fast as possible. Lightning protection Perth systems make buildings more robust, so they are available when required. School boards also recognise that lightning protection Perth systems are durable and affordable, which makes them a wise investment of the community’s resources.

Factors to consider in design and installation

At ATM Tanks, we appreciate that lightning protection Perth systems need to follow nationally recognised standards. According to the standards, we need to place the air terminals (lightning rods) strategically on the roof. We provide high points and ground electrodes design to cope with the deep surges that lightning causes effectively. A network of heavy-duty lightning conductors is essential to conducting current between them safely.

Our competent staff at ATM Tanks equalises electrical potential all over the building. We link the lightning protection Perth system to the structure’s plumbing, setup, HVAC, and other systems. The lightning protection grounding is interconnected to the building’s electrical structure and different systems. We also include surge protective devices to power, telephone, and other services entering the building and filters.

Certified individuals at ATM tanks design and install your lightning protection Perth systems expertly to ensure it functions effectively. To guarantee your lightning protection Perth system’s continuous performance, a skilled lightning protection specialist from ATM Tanks inspects it. Coaches, teachers, and school administrators should remember that they are responsible for protecting children against lighting. The same principle also applies to outdoor activities like sports practice.

Maximum Protection

You may find it expensive to buy and install a complete protective system. However, replacing equipment damaged by fire is also costly. If the school is in danger of a lightning strike, the immediate solution is installing a lightning protection Perth system in the building. At ATM Tanks, we have all the items and tools required for building a complete protection system. This firm has equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial structures also.

Points to Consider

There are various considerations involved in lightning strikes risk. Lightning’s single aim is to correct a charge inequality that has built up in the cloud system. So, lightning moves toward the ground and its opposite charge, equalising the imbalance. When lightning strikes something, it means the object was creating a more uncomplicated pathway from where it came from to the area where the electricity is drawn.  Many materials are conducive to electricity movement and can be a potential route for a lightning strike to pass through.

Safety First

In a school environment buying and installing lightning protection Perth systems will depend on many factors. Every structure or building and the contents inside will determine whether this move is worth it. The most crucial factor when deciding whether a lightning protection Perth system is necessary is the safety of the people inside the building or near it during a storm.

To protect school children and staff, ATM Tanks has you fully covered! Call us today on 1800 422 444 for help with your lightning protection systems. We will give you the best solutions!

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