The work of fire suppression tanks, which are mainly referred to as fire tank inspections in Melbourne is to guard you against accidents caused by fire.  They are not meant for water consumption use in your home. Fire incidents are rare, so maintenance is not carried out often. Unfortunately, individuals discover the failure only after the damage has occurred due to fire. It is the main reason that ATM Tanks is at your service; we treasure lives. Today we will give you guidelines on how to pick the correct company for fire tank inspections in Melbourne.

Choose an experienced company.

A fire tank does not just entail sheets of welded metal. It describes a system which encompasses your whole residence or structure. The fire tank is linked to sprinklers, and the hoses stretch over your facilities. In case of breakage of one of the connections, the water cannot flow. At ATM Tanks we not only examine the external structure of fire tanks, but we also make sure that we check their functionality. Through experience, we have learnt that a tank may be strong, but this does not mean that it functions.

Select an efficient company.

At ATM Tanks, we are serious about our obligations, and we are aware of the consequences of not availing superior-quality service. Also, we appreciate that time is of the essence. We can build a new tank in a minimum of three weeks and also provide you with a job order quote in only 24 hours following our ocular inspection. We have confidence that our service is superior, so we even provide warranties. We can perform repair jobs in only one week.

Choose a reputable firm.

Our experience spans ten years and more, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers. Our firm is a leading company which builds and repairs different tanks in many cities apart from Melbourne. You are free to make enquiries about our reputation; we promise that you will get positive feedback. Additionally, we can provide documents and papers to verify our skills. We are tank experts so; we are still bound by law to adhere to stringent building and fabrication standards. The staff has certifications from the essential government and different accrediting organisations. We work legally using top standards.

Select a business with many services

 ATM Tanks appreciates that some fire tank inspections in Melbourne require more than just basic work. Because of this, we have equipped our team with knowledge about how to solve problems that we come across. We offer some of the following services.

  • Cleaning and maintaining tanks
  • Panel repairs for tank exterior
  • Installation and maintenance of new liners
  • Panel repairs for tank interior

Before recommending repairs and different services, we make sure that they are necessary and not only for artistic purposes. After carrying out an inspection, we offer this list of recommendations. You have the option of deciding whether to follow it through or not; however, we are on hand to offer more assistance.


Where security is concerned, your fire tank is an essential factor. It does not matter whether your tank is commercial or residential; it needs to be inspected often. Contact us today on 1800 422 444 if you require fire tank inspections in Melbourne. We respond fast, and we will instantly come to your premises after booking a consultation. Following your tank inspection, we shall also offer you our list of recommendations if your tank needs more maintenance.

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