A lightning protection system works to guard structures from mechanical or fire damage and prevent the people inside the building from getting hurt or even killed. A complete lightning protection Brisbane system comprises external lightning protection/earthing) and internal lightning protection (surge protection).

The purpose of an external lightning protection system

  • Intercepts direct lightning strikes through an air-termination system
  • Safely discharges lightning current to earth through a down-conductor system.
  • Distributes the lightning current in the ground through an earth-termination system
  • Interception of direct lightning strikes via an air-termination system

How an internal lightning protection system works

  • Stops harmful sparking in the building by creating equipotential bonding or maintaining a separation distance between the LPS gears and other electrically conducting elements.

Lightning Equipotential Bonding

Lightning equipotential bonding decreases the potential differences that lightning currents create. All isolated conducting sections of the installations are interconnected using surge protective devices or conductors to achieve this. Recently, our team at ATM Tanks have set up advanced lightning protection systems for many big firms throughout Australia in cities such as Brisbane. The electrical industry does not address the lightning protection topic, for instance, lightning protection Brisbane. But, these systems have a significant effect on safety and economic implications for commercial enterprises all over Australia.

Description of a Lightning Protection System

Lightning is an electrical charge, which moves from a thundercloud. The charge can emit an exceedingly mighty current that can destroy any electrical component it touches. At ATM Tanks, we use a lightning protection system (LPS) to move this lightning current securely to the ground. Our system offers a better, low resistance route for the lightning to move and guides its potentially dangerous current from its point of intercept to its ground destination. It does this without permitting the current to move through a building’s plumbing or electrical structure, decreasing overall risk.

How a Lightning Protection System Operates

Our external LPS at ATM Tanks have an air termination system, an earth termination system, and a down conductor. This system offers a low resistance route that dispels the high current and guides it inside the soil. The down conductor safely restricts the voltage that the lightning imposes without increasing the possibility of the down conductor to have excessive heat and produce sparks.

The highest area of a structure or facility is most likely to experience a direct lightning strike. We install air terminals, lightning rods or dynaspherers at these risky areas in Brisbane to provide one preferred point where we capture the strike and then safely manage its emitted energy down to the surface. Dynaspheres mainly give a design that is operated using a computer and enhanced section of protection at a building’s weakest point to offer maximum protection.

The importance of protecting your business from lightning

At ATM Tanks, we appreciate that a lightning strike can have safety and economic repercussions that are very damaging. In any area in Brisbane where a direct lightning strike is possible, it means damage can occur to valuable facilities, equipment, and people who reside in these areas if they do not have lighting protection in Brisbane. Lightning is naturally transient in Brisbane; therefore, it can produce wild rise times and at times substantial magnitude currents. If you do not have an LPS installed by ATM Tanks for lightning protection Brisbane to restrict the voltage that a lightning strike imposes and directs it to the ground safely, the effects can be catastrophic.


 Do you want to safeguard your facility from a lightning strike? Please speak to our skilled team at ATM Tanks today for your lightning protection Brisbane. We will be happy to assess your lightning protection system needs and provide the electrical solutions for your business requirements.

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